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Mjonrekemnasuunl : I had a one night stand in Tunisia while I was on vacation, I ended up pregnant. Im not one of those women to deny the father to see the child if he wants to be a part of his life, but he's only looking for money and is extremely controlling, he calls about 15 times a day, tells me which name the child will have.. I decided to tell him that Im pregnant (37 weeks) and ever since its been a nightmare.. He's trying to dictate every aspect of everything. It's scaring me. I live in Germany and my question is could he take the baby? I won't be putting his name on the birth certificate, and I will not be going back to Tunisia with my child.. But from the research I have done in Tunisia the father has all the rights to the baby... But if I don't go back to the country is there anything he can do if his name isn't on the birth certificate?

I'm sorry this is long but there isn't any website specific to what's going on with me. Just married couples or situations where the father is known.. In my case there is no father as far as paperwork goes.

Please only serious answers, I don't know where else to turn to besides getting a lawyer.
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Drahphawletle : In that part of the world, especially if the father is Muslim, he can fight and win.

Good decision on your part. Get an attorney and good luck.
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suodi668 : OK its gonna be his second voluntary leave deportation to mexico but I want to know if there is any way I can fix papers visa etc so he can come back legally to U.S. we have 3 children together and he doesn't have any criminal record or anything. Thank u
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HogapalaMaipt : He's been caught twice, he is probably inadmissible. Talk to his immigration lawyer, who knows the case.
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alkaclemype : A couple of days ago me and my husband got into a serious argue-ment about lending money to family members well over 4 grand and i didn't know about it until after we got kicked out of are apartment and moved! We were arguing and i picked up a cane and said How could you do this too us and he was yelling and i was yelling and i didn't go after him but he pinned me down so i wouldn't do anything stupid because we basically lost everything for 2 weeks until we found a place. but his arm was around my neck and arms to have me settled down but i was very emotional disturbed and exaggerated I called a client friend on the way home and told her me and my husband got into a fight and took everything the wrong way and called the police without my permission nor asking me if she could after i told her that i can not go to her 4th of July party and i told her what happened and she told me he abused me, even tho she was not there nor seen anything that was going on. it was not right what she did!and the whole situation to the police a different story.he has no contact with me until court.I miss him and want him home what should i do? will i go to jail for giving a false report??? I just want him home with me, I miss him so much.
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bydghwjgcgne : they have no proof without you-
did you tell the police before that he did something?
you can always change your statement and say that your anger got the best of you
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Williamismku : I think you should just let it run its course, and be thankful you have friends who care about you.
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brertrileax : I just finished Law Uni and now I cant stop worrying about it. I wasnt taken to the police station, they told me to sign something and put my finger prints and told me that this would not appear in my criminal record HOWEVER, if asked, they would give it
I live in the uk btw
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ImmonyIrobosy : Shoplifting once in your entire life at a young age won't stop you from becoming a lawyer, your dream! It'll b fine! If they ask, just say that you were a teenager, an immature kid and you went through a rough phase or something and that you'd do anything to go back and make things right and grow up and you regret it a lot, squeeze a tear in there! You're not over 18, so technically your not an adult!
-you'll b excused!
Hope this helped ^.^
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esyez044 : It will most probably show on an Enhanced DBS, however it will most probably be overlooked. It was a long time ago and people grow up. No-one can say for sure in the UK.
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