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Wropoulkili : The other party was told they could have the house if they refinance, but they refuse. So I need to take it to court, but unsure of the process. I can't afford a lawyer and would like to go pro se, but not sure what to file in cook county, IL (motion/petition) and where to file it (civil or domestic)?

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elsebeth9 : wait for them to die...

Just one option. Hopefully there are some better ones ;)
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csyez011 : You need a lawyer. You're a fool if you try to do it yourself with your level of knowledge.

But if you MUST, you should go down to your local civil court and ask the clerk for the information on how to file for a forced sale. In cases like this where partners in a property cannot agree on disposition, a judge will order the property sold and the proceeds split. The exact process varies by state and by what type of ownership is in place. You need legal advice.
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Biliflachitn : So what happened was the parking lot at my school was full and I had to park in the neighborhood beside the school. On 1/2 of a street there are several "no parking signs" on individual yards so I drove farther down the street and parked in an area clearly with no signs. So I parked on the left side and the guy lives on the right side of the street came out and said I couldn't park there and I said there was no signs and I had no alternatives. He kind of "warned me" not to park again there even though he had no power to where I park. Fast forward 2 months and again I have to park in the neighborhood and this time he is out driving around and when I pull over in relatively the same location he pulls up and says that I can't park there and threatens to have me towed if I do. Trying to avoid any problems I drive to the next street and this guy follows me and watches me park and get out. What is his problem? I have a family member who's a lawyer and knows all the legalities of the parking rules of the city and said nothing I did was out of bounds legally.
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CorporSweergy : If you want to know why he is being a douche, ask HIM.
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Graibreecosse : He can't have you towed for parking legally on a public street. They won't tow a car unless it's authorized by police, or authorized by the owner of the vehicle. And the police won't authorize it because you would have to be illegally parked.

Some people are jerks and think they own the street in front of their house, which they don't.
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IniliRonSoync : This gentleman probably has no problem specifically with you at all, it sounds like he has had a lot of trouble with students parking inappropriately consistently.
If he's out there every morning, he may be frustrated with other the drivers- because he must know that he has no authority to dictate your parking habits!
If you know you are legally parked, I'd just ignore him. It might be his only excitement of the day, going outside and following cars to make sure they don't park illegally!
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chatovvod : Call up the local police dept and ask about the no parking signs in the yards and whether these people have a legal basis for their signs. Then further inquire as to the legal parking areas in the neighborhood. Next time this guy gets in your face, explain you sought clarification from the police as to legal parking in the neighborhood, and they assured you these spots are legal for public parking.
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vobviliaEveli : Some people have nothing better to do with their lives.
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yclaraf : Sounds like the judge/cop were being real jerks, see if you can appeal this, and try and get a pro bono lawyer.
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