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Alibabamen : She no longer works for the company, she quit a few months ago. I had to work with her for roughly 5 more years before she quit. I was recently fired for something that was not my doing and I feel I have been treated unfairly by being let go and she was not for threatning bodily harm on me

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srfecti644 : sue who for what? Do you have a contract that requires the employer to treat you fairly? Is the reason for someone getting fired harmful to you in some way?
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Sleeryrub : She did it 5 yrs ago? No, you cannot sue, don't be ridiculous. If you had felt threatened and had quit, you could have sued for loss of wages, but since you accepted it, you have no complaint.

In the US, you work at will, which means your employer can fire you at any time for little or no reason at all.
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HXfernanda : You worked there for five more years? WHY?
If you felt you were in a dangerous workplace, you should have brought this up with police at the time. By staying there, you agreed that it was not, by your actions, and therefore no one is going entertain a complaint.

As to your recent firing, it depends upon the situation surrounding that, but it is separate from the other incident - both you and your employer had too much water under the bridge.
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Bocaaeropip : 5 years ago this happened and now you want to take action about it.

In my opinion -- just an opinion -- the very long wait, with action finally being taken right on the heels of being fired by the company, make the odds of this being taken seriously in court dubious at best.

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Femfoofhino : Yes. Hire a lawyer. spend thousands, figure out what actual damages you incurred, who was responsible and to what time frame. Then go to court.

it'll be an expensive lesson. Anyone can sue. Doesn't mean you have a hope of winning anything,
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usbflashdrivekyi : Do you have any verifiable evidence that she threatened you with a gun?
Do have any witnesses to the incident?

If not then its just her word against yours......

(((( I had to work with her for roughly 5 more years before she quit.)))
The incident took place 5 years ago???

Why didnt you file a criminal complaint with the police when the incident occured?

Why did you wait roughly 5 years before thinking of doing anything about it legally?

You were terminated 5 years after the incident for something completely unrelated to that incident so you cant sue the employer for firing you and not firing her roughly 5 years ago.

You have no case 5 years later, you are just grasping at straws because you got fired...
Learn to report things immediately when they happen and not try 5 years afterwards to do something about it..
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crfmnkhufemq : Five years? Even if you had a case five years ago (unlikely) its gone with the wind now.
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Creweemaima : You had a choice to call the cops and have her charged. YOu didn't do that. an employer can fire you for any reason. Your employer, by not firing or doing anything about the person you say threatened you, made a decision that was his/hers to make. You, by not calling the police and reporting it, made a decision that was yours to make. You have no justification to sue your ex employer for not firing the other person and firing you. They two separate incidences not related to your firing.
Get over it and move on.
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SpovaInnope : This happened over 5 years ago? No, you can't sue for that incident. It obviously wasn't a real threat if you felt comfortable working with her for 5 years after the event.
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