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Encannaxy : I'm in the philippines right now with my family and my father's anger has gotten to the point where he has hit me several times and continues to threaten that he will "beat the shit out of me" if I keep making him upset. He says filipino police won't do anything and I know they won't either. I do have have a social worker, but she is in the US and I have no idea what to do.
I'm 16

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marcene0c : Anywhere you are, call the police
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VRudikon : Though it will be very difficult to prosecute, yes, it is illegal for one US citizen to break a US law against another US citizen, even while traveling abroad.

You are both US citizens and bound by US law (for the most part). I believe that he could get into serious trouble for abusing you (if you are a minor), even when in the Philippines. This is my interpretation of the situation and I'm not a lawyer.

However, I'm about certain that if you (are indeed a minor) contact US authorities upon your return and tell them of the abuse, they will protect you.

This probably just makes things more unclear. Your best bet is to contact CPS and ask them for a confidential consult.
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exeveable : Document it (photo's) and go to the US embassy (US Soil). Tell them what is happening.

Best of luck.
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EleneLymncype : As you are mot major now, so you can take the help of some NGO's, Who will Surely help you. Or else you can call the cops, and explain them , whats happening to you. they will take the charge on your parents.
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Seillaclark :
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zmvxowm633 : I live in the state of Connecticut. I recently just gave birth to my son in April. His father was around for the majority of the first month but then now goes a week or so without seeing our son. He has a new gf or I should say old gf because she's his ex. She's talked shit about my son all the time and she talks shit about me too and threatens me. I want to file for custody of my son but I'm not sure if what I want is possible. I basically want custody of my son. But I want me and his father to have our days with him. Like for example, I keep him during the week. And his father gets him friday night and brings him back Sunday night. But I dont want his gf around my son and I want the visitation to occur at his mothers house where he lives. Is this possible? What will court be like? What happens during the court process? How lo.g will it take? Any and every bit of information is helpful
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vemsmealsesar : He goes a week without seeing his son. Gee, isn't he a bad father.

Think of it this way. How would you like it if he started to dictate the way you act, the people you see, and where you go when the baby is with you.

No, you can't do that.

What you can do, and should do, is file for custody, child support, and visitation. The place to start is the friend of the courts office located in the court house.
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ntonioKulman : A mother AUTOMATICALLY HAS custody of her child. You have nothing to file for.
If he decides to file for paternity/ visitation/ etc, he can do so.. and the details can be worked out, or the court will decide based on various factors.
You need to search Conn. law to validate IF DAD presently has any legal rights at all at this time. Many persons argue that both parents have "rights"...which is NOT FACTUAL in many states. He might be entitled to them...but still they need defining by the court or legal boundaries.
Right now, you can file for paternity testing and child support. These are not explicitly visitation or custody.
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bhzmkxkljdul : Call a lawyer. And stop obsessing over this woman, or at least scale it back. It sounds like you are 100% fueled by raging jealousy. The court doesn't care that she "talks shit". Trust me.

Oh and btw, you talk just as much shit about her, before you cast too many stones. The court will see through you in a new york minute.

Lastly, of COURSE he didn't stick around. You had no commitment. When will women learn?
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