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swojeksnik : My ex roommate has threatened to share nude pics of my girlfriend that are on a smartphone that i left at his house after we moved out. We were able to get the bulk of our belongings out but have been denied access to the rest of our things which includes said smartphone because he said we stole from him. We did not. Police where called by them and were cleared of any wrong doing. Anyways he messaged us saying return our stuff or these pics will be shared and or posted. What do i do? Can i have them arrested? Or do i need to hire a lawyer and file charges? We live in new york state and all parties are over 18 yrs. Of age.

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camarok :
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aqfcdnh631 : You need to be mentally tough. Law school is designed to weed out smart people who are lazy.

You must be willing to put in the time - roughly 80 hours per week of studying for your first year. Your second and third year are not as demanding. But after you graduate you must study for the bar and that requires 80 hours per week of comprehensive review.

This whole time you will be graded against your classmates. It doesn't matter if you get 90 out of 100 questions correct on the exam. If all your classmates get 91+ correct then you will fail.

If you manage to graduate in the top 5% of your class you will get a good job that requires you to work... you guessed it... 80 hours per week.

Anything below top 5% is a crapshoot unless you go to a top 5 law school in which case the name alone will get you a job.
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Chidaimampham : I've already asked this once before and didn't get any reliable answers that really answered my question. How can someone sign there rights over for a child. The mother waited two years to get anyone tested to find out who the father was and still has failed to try and contact him about anything regarding the child. Child support can't even find herso that chiLD support can start. Does the father need to get a lawyer. He doesn't want to terminate his rights to get out of child support, which most people answered on my last post. Does the mother have to agree. I know I saw that he could file for a petition and take it to the court. I'm not even sure if the mother has custody of the child, I think the grandmother does.
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expahReal : the procedure varies by state. In general, you file a petition with the appropriate court. It will not affect your obligations, like child support, but you can terminate your right to inherit from your child, and your right to visitation or custody.
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tomn067 : The last time you aske the question you made it sound as if w wanted out of child support but there is still nothing he can do to relinquish his parental responsibility. It will take both his mother and the father to go before the court to see this happen. But for now don't even worry about it.
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hessLargora : Usually a person can go down to the family court and find out the process of what they have to do in order to terminate parental rights. For the best answers, he should consult a lawyer. Many dont really charge for legal advice, but for the best most reliable answer. I would suggest taking a trip down to Family court.
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Xenanicovan : I have a 3 month old baby girl. Her biological father has never laid eyes on her. Nor has he ever tried to contact me since having her to see how she is doing. He hasn't even been there during the pregnancy. But he is currently deployed. Does that change things about the parent abandonment laws? My husband wants to adopt her as his own.
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VTOVJJ : The baby's father can sign away his rights so your husband can adopt her, but it must be voluntary. You will not be able to do anything while he is deployed.
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Jeojeryceby : Unless he is on the birth certificate, or has otherwise filed in court for parental rights, visitation, so the eyes of the court, he may not exist as legal father. He cannot "abandon" a child that isn't his legally, to start with. Parent abandonment is when a legal parent leaves a child by the side of the road, or something similar.
Nor do you say how long you have been married. If the baby was born since your marriage, husband would legally be identified as father.
You need to consult a lawyer on this, since the details you didn't include, are exactly what he needs to know in terms of what needs doing, to start any adoption. You may need to get the consent of the bio dad (IF HE IS legally identified as such), or you may not.
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