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operforGowrib : I haven't applied for one yet because I'm worried I might get denied because when I plead to "and successfully completed" the FOA, part of the stipulations was for me to also see a physiatrist. So does that mean to mark yes under

"Have you ever been ordered to receive inpatient or outpatient treatment at any treatment facility, mental health center, hospital, sanitarium, clinic or program for a mental condition"

Technically I was never ordered to a "facility" it just said "Defendant to have mental health evaluation by a Psychiatrist & complete recommended treatment".

Also, it was not for any specific mental condition. The judge didn't know if I had one or not so he wanted me to go get checked I guess. I'm to assume the safe side and mark yes. I went to a psychologist and a psychiatrist and neither ever said I was a danger to myself or others, or mentally incompetent. I can get/already have documents saying I am not and have not been documented to have been a threat to myself or others. Should I add that?

I've never been to a mental hospital, never been ordered there. Idk what I should put.
If I got denied for that reason do I have a good ground to appeal and should I get a lawyer?
Okay thanks. I just want to make sure I don't put any false information on there.
Yeah, I was never ordered to any mental place, just to get checked.
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UCMatthew : You were ordered to be 'evaluated', not 'treated'. So the answer was 'No'.
You might even be able to cite and use the pre-existing evaluation and save some dough.
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PanfiliJ : Just tell them that you weren't. If you say you've been treated at a mental health center it can just cause problems. The reason for that is to make sure crazy people don't get permits. So if you tell them you haven't you'll be just fine. Hope this helped.
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Neenstookem : I was watching this show that takes place in L.A and the lawyer said he makes 800$ an hour is that common for lawyers or just for lawyers in L.A? How much do lawyers make on average?
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OBvallie : Only the best do. But that is really uncommon. Try maybe $100 an hour.
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Wropoulkili : The top lawyers in their field command $ 800.00 an hour, sometimes more.
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toribhibbleri : No.

There may be a very small handful (like, fewer than 10 or 20) of elite, experienced lawyers in places like LA or New York that bill their clients $800 an hour, but that money goes to the firm they work for to cover all sorts of various expenses. Thats not how much they are actually making on an hourly basis. Plus, they don't work 40 hours a week at that rate, they may bill out 10-20 hours a week at that rate.

Most lawyers make between $80,000-120,000/year, depending on experience and location. Recent grads usually make 50,000-60,000/year unless they finished right at the top of their class and are working for an elite firm.

A very very very small percentage of lawyers in the country might make over a million per year, but it is very very rare.
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toribhibblerg : Lawyers make a lot of money but that much an hour is probably too much
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UnesyHekances : Some very high-priced lawyers might bill $800 per hour - but this would probably not be how much they earn.

I bill at $250 per hour. This is how much a client pays for my time to work on his/her case. But I generally make about $50 to $75 per hour. The billable hours don't just pay my salary. This covers payroll (for the administrative staff), rent, equipment, insurance, training, etc.)
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celtics22 : Around LA I think the going rate is usually 100-200$ an hour. 800+ an hour is for the best of the best elite lawyers, It is certainly not average.
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