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Jamesgos : Let me clean up this mess of a question. Is there a minimum amount of time that someone must be a lawyer, or at least have a law license, before being eligible to be a judge? I'm especially interested in the guidelines for the state of Michigan, but other states' requirements will also be of interest.

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Mjonrekemnasuunl : I had a one night stand in Tunisia while I was on vacation, I ended up pregnant. Im not one of those women to deny the father to see the child if he wants to be a part of his life, but he's only looking for money and is extremely controlling, he calls about 15 times a day, tells me which name the child will have.. I decided to tell him that Im pregnant (37 weeks) and ever since its been a nightmare.. He's trying to dictate every aspect of everything. It's scaring me. I live in Germany and my question is could he take the baby? I won't be putting his name on the birth certificate, and I will not be going back to Tunisia with my child.. But from the research I have done in Tunisia the father has all the rights to the baby... But if I don't go back to the country is there anything he can do if his name isn't on the birth certificate?

I'm sorry this is long but there isn't any website specific to what's going on with me. Just married couples or situations where the father is known.. In my case there is no father as far as paperwork goes.

Please only serious answers, I don't know where else to turn to besides getting a lawyer.
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Drahphawletle : In that part of the world, especially if the father is Muslim, he can fight and win.

Good decision on your part. Get an attorney and good luck.
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aeroreimumb : I'm building a website and I wanted someone to take a look at the T&C and see if the general idea and the details are all allowed and if possible tell me ways I can correct it, along with some kind of contract that won't allow them to copy my idea.

However, I'm only 17. I have about $500 in savings but that's it. My parents will refuse to pay me because it's an extra-educational project and they are strongly against that, and in my country I'm too young to get a legal job, and even if I could, I probably wouldn't be able to (50%+ young people with degrees are unemployed, let alone someone without a degree or pratical experience).

So, how much would they charge for this?
But I can't tell you what I'm doing until I have it online and I'd prefer to have the T&C (which cointain the main idea) copyrighted at least for year I created them :( it would ruin the whole originallity behind the proccess.

But yea assume I'm selling a product. I'm selling a product, there is money involved and the really tricky legal stuff comes at my "secret plan" part ^^

Sorry if I'm not being clear enough, but I hope you understand that this website may open many doors for my future (because I LOVE design and programming) as well as its potential to be my main source of profit for a few years until I have a carreer (since I don't plan on going to college and living my life on a job I hate).

So please simply assume T&Cs are really needed. Does the complexity of them change the price? If so please estimate it as well as you can.

Thanks :)

No my parents don't even want to know about this because in their view education is still the key to life. I'm not gonna get into an argument about this (I get them a lot :() so I'm just gonna say my life is worth more than a paycheck.

So anyways I was trying to see if I could fit this whole project on my little budget. I've already checked ISPs out and I can get $100 for hosting + database + ads which seems pretty good. I know all the designing and programming I need to know to get started and I hope this is the thing that's going to get me "employed" in the end.

I'd like to get in touch with Jim but unfortunatelly I'm to young to be able to deposit any money in online accounts and I can't take or give anything in a virtual world.

Also, as a P.S., I don't know if any of you tried to contact me by email so far but I just changed it because the old one wasn't working. You probably didn't but I'm just covering it.

*Thanks :)
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exacuutneak : It would be helpful to know what the web site is for. But I'll take a guess.

You probably don't need any terms and conditions. Unless your offering a service or selling a product.

Let's say you have a web site on "How to build a boat". You really don't need any terms and conditions, or any disclaimer. If you put in a disclaimer, it probably wouldn't hold up in court.

If your offering a service, like your doing web design, then when someone becomes a customer you would want a contract, and everything would be in the contract.

Very few web sites really need terms and conditions.

Tell me what your doing and I'll try for a better answer.
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AdupsMund : You might try They're inexpensive. Of course, if you hire a lawyer, or legal zoom they would be committed to keeping everything about your website and product confidential. You might have to take on a partner who has the cash to back you. Be careful in that and get a lawyer to draw up the partnership. I'm sorry your parents feel the way that they do. Hopefully they've looked at your project and the reason they're turning you down has nothing to do with their expectations that you'll succeed or fail.

You should ask if the other guy who answered is a lawyer. Perhaps he'll take on your case, or agree to listen for a small fee and give you some really good advice.

As far as guessing about what it's going to cost you, there's no way any one can guess without more facts. Consulting with a lawyer is usually fairly cheap. Around the $100 mark. The consultation also provides for legal confidentiality with the lawyer. Since you only have $500, better pick a good one the first time.

And, seriously, you're going to have to find some work or way to earn some money to get this thing kick-started. You're young, but in real life there's no way to go around certain business requirements.
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innonryness : About twenty years ago, my grandpa passed and he didn't leave a will. His wife was then put as the Administrator of the estate while going through probate. My grandpa has eight kids. Anyways, my dad being the first born was expecting to receive something when all the properties were sold, but he didn't. A few months later, all of his brothers and sisters were buying new houses and what not. Well a few months after that, my dad was receiving letters about how would he like to spend his inheritance (which he never received). My dad just let it slide. Well within in this past year, we found out that he didn't get anything because he waived his name back then to not receive anything. However, my dad never signed anything. We also found out that my Aunt was the one that signed the waiver. My question is if there is a statue of limitation on this? Can we still do anything? Also they are still going through probate til this day to sell off the rest of the properties.
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FriendLucy : there is no statute of limitations on fraud, however

if he verbally waived his rights away, in front of witnesses, then you have no standing for a case and if your aunt was the only may be able to fight'd have to ask lots of questions to a probate judge in your county

I'll bet there was some infighting between siblings and your dad made a comment in the heat of the moment that cooked his inheritance [ people do do stupid things in anger ]

do your due diligence and investigate properly prior to filing suit
my dad went thru it with his brother over grandpas will [ which we never seen ]
but dad never fought it either.
sibling rivalry can get pretty ugly
I was ticked off for a few years, but I had to let it go and just forgive them
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blelperneni : You should call a lawyer for help initially. There are laws and loopholes in laws.
There is usually a statute of limitations when it comes to making charges against someone.
However, if you are looking to recall the forged signature it should be able to happen through legal proceedings.
Contacting a lawyer may help you better understand your state's laws concerning the will of deceased kin.
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