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melekdajre : My boyfriend stole my mom's car coz he wants to escape from the police cop.. I gave him the key. I stole a little of my mom's money but I was willing to bring them back .I didn’t mean any harm. Only I was in love.

My mom told the police about me and they caught me up.

Guys I don’t wanaa to go to the jail again. I don’t wanaa to be locked down and stripted search like an animal . I cant imagine that I'll being put in handcuffs and shackles I cant bear living in a cell again . I didn’t mean any harm. I am a good person. What I'm gonna do?
I start thinking of killing my self....I still thinking that they are small idiot mistakes.. my mom was so mean to me that she send her daughter to prison. when I was in prison in the first time no one came to visit me . Guys I am not a thief but I wanted to help my poor sweet boy friend.
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neoclaliolf : Here is a tip:

Don't be a phucking thief.
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NicadBatys : You are now an accomplice to your boyfriends problems.

Love is no excuse.

Sorry, just need to make better decisions. Suck it up, and pay for your 'sins'. Then go forth and stay away from situations that get you caught up in problems with the law.
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Kenoquaweenceei : You stole money and are an accomplice to Grand Theft Auto. Of COURSE you deserve to be punished.
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coachoutletolgh : Let us start with your second last statement that "I am a good person". Did you read what you wrote in the first paragraph? Your boyfriend stole your mum's car and YOU gave him the key, thus enabling him to steal the car. Well guess facilitated the crime and you are an accessory before and after the fact, at a minimum. You also stole some of your mum's money...that makes you a thief. Whether or not you meant any harm or not, you had no right to give anyone that key or steal the money in the first place. Those are both crimes and that means you are not a good person. Sadly, this is not your first offense (denoted from your third paragraph), so since you didn't learn your lesson to be honest the first time around, you are likely to end up with a prison sentence.

Lastly....if you want to be a good person, don't steal and don't help other people commit crimes. Be good and obey the law....or you will be going back to prison again and again and again! Good luck and God bless.

Addendum: Yes, you deserve to be punished...and punished harshly as you didn't learn your lesson the first time around. As for what you are going to do.....get a lawyer!

Addendum #2: Being in love is not a defense in a court of law when you have committed a criminal offense.

Edit: You have written, "start thinking of killing my self....I still thinking that they are small idiot mistakes.. my mom was so mean to me that she send her daughter to prison. when I was in prison in the first time no one came to visit me . Guys I am not a thief but I wanted to help my poor sweet boy friend."

Ok, for starters, suicide is NOT the answer. I am somewhat concerned about you as your do not appear to be thinking logically. These are crimes you have committed...FELONIES...they are not "small idiot mistakes"! You already have been to jail so you must know that stealing is wrong so how can you call it a mistake? Further, if you think is is mean of your mother to send you to prison, don't you think it is equally "mean" of you to steal from your own mother? If you hadn't stolen money from her AND helped your boyfriend steal her car, she wouldn't have had to report you to the police. Unfortunately, you started this chain of events and now there are consequences (prison) that you will have to accept. As for your boyfriend being "sweet", no such thing...he is a car thief and he got you to help him. A good man...a sweet man...would not do that. This is a bad man but you don't seem to see it!

I am going to ask you to do something for me. I think you aren't thinking as clearly as you could be and that may be part of why you have done what you have done. I want you to print this out and show it to your lawyer. Ask him or her to help you get some counseling so you can see your actions more clearly and not let yourself be led astray again. Lastly, please do not kill yourself...that is never the answer my friend. My little brother did that and my family never got over it. You can get through this but you need some help. Talk to your lawyer or your priest. Good luck and God bless.
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opponoNaise : Ok, my great great grandpa set up a trust fund with a couple other family members.
I am now 21 and my mom holds all in the info for it (account numbers, how much is it in it, and what place it is held at). She told me when I was 17 that there was enough money in there to pay 4 full year of college. When I finally went to college this money was never offered to me. I tried to get it but my mom told me I couldnt' get it til I turned 21
NOw, I will turn 21 in 30 days.. she now tells me that she wants to help me get it sooner by her law office giving her a loan and I would have to sign a POA or power of attorney.
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maleagersBiam : Wait a month. I know she's your mother but that sounds like bullshit.
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NamImpaimafes : Something is fishy here.

Even if everything is on the up and up, don't mess with a loan. Just wait the 30 days.
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BuyNexium : Wait the 30 days. The 'loan' will come with a cost. Get your own lawyer if you don't trust your mother to look out for your interests.
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srfecti644 : Don't you dare sign that POA. But I hate to tell you it is likely gone.
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