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srfecti644 : I have been tossed around from home to home since I was 13 and been abused since I was 7. I am 15 and will be 16 in August. I've been living with my aunt since my school got out towards the end of May. My mother has done very few things to provide for me such as take me to my counseling appointments and buy me the usual female stuff pads and tampons. But every time she does she complains and them complains about the cost of everything. She hasn't provided clothes or food for me. I have been borrowing clothes from my aunt and buying clothes at yard sales. My aunt said that she would try to get custody of me and that i needed to call my DHS worker and when I called her she suggested me to just start filing for emancipation.But she never gave me answers on how.I know I need to have money to show I can support myself and as soon as I turn 16 I should have a job. I've tried babysitting and it hasnt gone too well because no one wants a 15 year old watching their kid(s). I just need to know where to get the paper work with out it costing until I file. I don't have the money for a lawyer but I've read that you don't need one I just need to know what to do...Because if I'm right usually DHS knows whats in your best interest....

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Plaitikepak : if you dont have the money for a lawyer then you dont have the money to support yourself.

where are you planning on living? it wont be with your friends or your family, it must be a place where they will charge you rent and utilities

how do you plan on buying the necessities? you have no job and you cant really say you will get one soon. before you even start the emancipation process you have to prove that you HAVE a CURRENT stable FULL TIME job for at least 3 months, this is because it will show your income and show whether or not you will be able to live on your own

less than 1% of kids get emancipated...... what makes you the exception?
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Wropoulkili : The other party was told they could have the house if they refinance, but they refuse. So I need to take it to court, but unsure of the process. I can't afford a lawyer and would like to go pro se, but not sure what to file in cook county, IL (motion/petition) and where to file it (civil or domestic)?
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elsebeth9 : wait for them to die...

Just one option. Hopefully there are some better ones ;)
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csyez011 : You need a lawyer. You're a fool if you try to do it yourself with your level of knowledge.

But if you MUST, you should go down to your local civil court and ask the clerk for the information on how to file for a forced sale. In cases like this where partners in a property cannot agree on disposition, a judge will order the property sold and the proceeds split. The exact process varies by state and by what type of ownership is in place. You need legal advice.
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pounseInsug : I had it this morning. I was going by 80mph in 55 mph zone. I am so scared I don't know what to do. Moreover it doesn't have any charges. Also can I get a lawyer for that.
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lenazhuck : You should have thought of that before you broke the law by speeding.
You may see if you can pay to get into a diversion plan.
If not pay the fine and move on.
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pyncInfessy : You got a ticket for speeding, on the ticket it will tell you IF a court appearance is mandatory or not, you are very close to being that much over for this to happen, but it depends on your states rules.

When the courts open on Monday give the number on the back of the ticket a call and ASK what your next step is.................

Yes you can get a lawyer but this is a bog standard ticket and unless you have LOADS from the past it is not really worth it, your age and how long you had the licence would all play a factor into this.
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pedivo : you get a fine and may be lose your lissens
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zakladykliczko : Turned down for what?
A lawyer is only as good as the information you give him. I would suggest you try harder to communicate effectively with him.
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