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colbe2012 : The final divorce decree was signed into effect back in March. There were some mistakes, so my attorney filed a Vacate & Amend order in early April. It's mid-June and he has still yet to make a decision. Plus, during this time, my ex-husband is paying me the amount of maintenance that was on the PREVIOUS order and not what was signed into effect with this order. Is there anyway I can file something or a way to contact someone in order to make this speed up a little? I am stuck until this is completed. Please help!

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sBRwdShx : Why don't you ask your lawyer? Are you sure he has fixed everything and turned it in?

Because the GOP is doing massive cuts to government, under the belief that the government serves no purpose, we have to wait and wait for government services. It's possible the judge is just overwhelmed, or his staff is.

Or it's possible that you lawyer isn't following up on it or didn't request a copy to be sent once it's filed.

Call the court and see if it's been signed. If it has, then get a copy.
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kimmurphyo : You call and talk to your lawyer. Your lawyer can answer all of those questions since they have the order and know other important things about the case such as it matters what state this is in...
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origneeficigo : Since the Vacate & Amend was signed by both attorneys and immediately hand-delivered to the court clerk and immediately hand-delivered, personally, to the judge, it should have been vacated and amended immediately, if not sooner. You should personally go to court, pound on the judge's office door, and yell and scream that your paperwork is more important than everyone else's paperwork that he has to deal with. Throw a real hissy fit in the hallway... like have a total meltdown. Glad to help.
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oem software buy : My advice is to fend for yourself instead of begging your husband for cash like some kind of societal parasite.
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OBvallie : Is there a certain threshold that dictates what can or can't be answered by non-attorneys? To me, that notion is absurd. However, with clarification I may very well begin to understand...

For now, I'm totally befuddled, which started upon hearing that my last question, posed here, *requires* an attorney, that it's essentially impossible to find helpful answers to my question, here.

If you care, look at my last question, even though I expect that many will back the answerer without hesitation. In such a case, please tell me exactly how I'm wrong?

I don't deny that I'm ignorant, unintelligent, or whatever insults that can be thrown my way. I merely asked my last question, in hopes that someone was familiar enough to properly answer, but I was only met with a sense of rebuke (from 1 answer total). Next, I was hit with the claim that Y!A is NOT the place to ask for legal advice.

If this is true, should I completely disregard the dozens of answers I got previously? Doing so would not change much, WRT the law, at least. But in the future, I find that such an "analysis" would be an abomination to the legal process.

To be fair, I can never consider anyone's interpretation of the law to be 100% accurate, with attorneys being the only exception (implied by the answer in my last post), but also since we all know they are *never* wrong, ever.

Further, if the last answer is true, I'd feel compelled to contact an attorney for ALL legal matters. But this is purely hypothetical, since I (and my family) can barely afford the fees as is. I don't mean to be fallacious (slippery slope, e.g., here). Further, some will say I'm wrong, but I ask that you kindly explain specifically how this is so? Finally, is the answer to my last question the best I can hope for on here? That reliable legal advice simply can't be had in this forum? If so, please explain the threshold that dictates this?

Thanks, folks
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engescues : I'm going to wager that legally, the state bar only allows professional lawyers to give legal advice. Everything else is weighed less than that.

Check out though if you want a forum like this that is responded to by real lawyers.
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Turammapeax : You do realize that, there are only a few folks on this board that are adults and can answer coherently, and they simply may not know the answer? The majority of yahoo answers are answered by 16 year olds.

So when someone says you might want to contact a lawyer it's because they can't give you a good answer, and your best bet *is* to contact a lawyer.
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HeteHailm : You prefaced your question with "I don't want opinions, I want actual legal answers" then you get upset when people are telling you that you'd need a lawyer for that?

Laws vary from state to state and even county to county. Unless the question is very broad (Is it legal to kill someone who disrespects me?) no one on hear will be able to give you an answer that would hold up in court. You'd need to contact a lawyer familiar with your state, county and town's laws, who would look for more information than what you've provided.

If you want to get factual legal answers to a specific question, talk to a lawyer. If you want opinions, trolls, and best guesses, go ahead and keep asking on here.
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Poendypyday : By law, not just opinion, only an attorney can give "real" legal advice. This site is for entertainment purposes, and nobody on here is your attorney. We don't have access to your case file, or your documentation, or anything else that would be required to give proper advice.

It isn't people blowing you off, it is law that only an attorney can actually advise you in legal matters.
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