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crfmnkhufemq : I'm 25 with a clean record and I reside in Southern California.

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cymnSlini : Yes, it's worth the money.
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cymnferce : a lawyer might save your drivers license and keep you from getting a jail sentence and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your fine he could even possibly get you off of the charge, so yes, it is probably worth it.
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CobyStoll : You are charged with a serious criminal offense which could result in jail time, large fines, loss of your license, increased insurance costs, the inability to travel to foreign countries (esp. Canada), and other adverse consequences. You don't know what defenses may be available to counter the charges.

You probably can guess that my answer is that you need an attorney
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pletcherppg : Very clear cut evidence of amendment of my medical records in favor for his side. The court trial is coming up fast (July 1st). No lawyer will take my case in time (the defendant presented the contradictory evidence too late for lawyers to become interested). Judge has denied Punitive Damages add-on because I filed the amendment form wrong. What do I do?
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Swocuoush : You need an attorney, and the attorney can get a continuance.
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ReodaCedhed : If I were you Id try to withdraw the case from the docket for the moment and refile later after you have a lawyer and are ready to move forward.

Depending on the judge and jurisdiction you could "maybe" ask the court for a continuance or for permission to refile at a later date. The risk is always that the judge could dismiss the suit with prejudice, meaning you couldn't refile.
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HonsjoriAcino : I received a letter from court of appeal state of california saying pursuant to respondent request this matter presently set for oral argument on june 30 2013 is hereby ordered continued to the august 2013 calendar new calendar notices will follow pls help i dont know the meaning of this????
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floalpawl : Where is "California" do they have laws there?

I thought it was over the edge not on this planet.

Planet Holywood maybe.
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Edillcelf : Almost all matters pending in the Court of Appeal are set for argument before the justices. This case was set for argument on June 30. but will instead be argued some time in August, on a specific date to be set in the future, upon the request of counsel for the respondent.

I assume you are represented by counsel in this matter. If so this is just a duplicate of the notice your attorney received from the court. It is nothing you need to worry about unless you intend to attend the argument--you can, but are not required to do so (and most litigants let their lawyers appear without them).
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