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DogTrainer : I was arrested for DUI, I was not breaking any laws when I was pulled over, the officer just thought it was suspicious because I drove away from him when I saw him. I blew a .17, this is my first offense. I have no other drug or alcohol related offenses on my record, only one speeding ticket a couple years ago. Is there a chance I could get my charges lowered significantly to where it would be worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer? I am 22.
I realize my BAC is very high, which is why I am asking if it's worth it to hire a lawyer or if I should just accept the punishments (BAC meter in car, community service, 1 year license suspension ect in North Carolina)

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CrycleClomoto : You definitely need a lawyer. At .17 you are over twice the legal limit. You are toast. The only question is if you are lightly browned or burnt.
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FriendJoshua : Even a first offense DUI can have serious repercussions these days. It can result in the loss of your driving privileges, it can result in jail time, it can result in heavy fines, and/or a combination of all three, (depending on the state where this happened). I strongly suggest that you hire an attorney who is experienced in DUI defense. There may be several options available to you after review of your precise situation, but only an attorney licensed in your state who specializes in this area can help you determine that.

For a referral, contact your local or state bar association.
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GeadiaBab : Yes, you should hire a lawyer to speak for you. If you try to tell the judge that you were "not breaking any laws when I was pulled over" when in fact you were driving deeply under the influence, you're going to get the book thrown at you.

Your only chance for leniency is to show the judge that you have begun treatment for your alcohol problem. Your doctor will help you set it up.

Don't think you have an alcohol problem? Tell it to the judge.
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dombabrarturo : Okay, So I have had custody of my nephew since 4/18/13 he is 16 months old and is a very easy baby. The way I recieved them is through my sister his mother. I explained to her give him to me until you get a place to live income, and something in line where you are off drugs. My sister has done no such thing to get anything done for him. She wants to take him to Maine with her babys father achoholic dad. She is home less, she has no money. During the time I take him she was supposed to go to rehab, or get a job or do something. She has done nothing, or even attempted to make a phone call. She has several nice places to llive including my own house free rent but her preferred action is to hang out with friends and party. I finally filed through the judge we have court in JULY. I just want her to provide for her child. How do I make it where the judge puts mandatory actions for her to get him back? All I want from her for him is a stable home, drug test, and income to provide for him. How do I write or what actions do I take to get her to get mandatory rehab, job corb? Or something before she gets him back. The dad is a loss cause so dont even ask. lol I love my nephew and I do not mind taking care of him but I already have 2 children of my own 5, 3 and pregnant 22 weeks with my 3rd. If I have to keep continuing to raise him for several years than I really will do it. I just would prefer his own mother ( my sister to get her shit together(
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xxldoctttibr : You can't make any of that happen, but a judge can. If you want to convince a judge there is reason to do so you will need a lawyer.
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RicyKcn 571 : It only matters if you are on some form of government assistance. Otherwise, you just pay full rent. Some rent based places don't allow full time college students so that might be a problem.
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Reersumbere : I would talk to a lawyer if I were you. Noone has the right to discuss it with anyone else.

I would personally be furious, and assume the principal told your parents. It doesn't sound like she took the bypass seriously.
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monitautto : Take a little time to think over what happened. You might come to the conclusion that your principal did you the biggest favor of your life. Sometimes, people do the right thing for all the wrong reasons.
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demBiniadiack : no, your parents are your legal guardians until you are 18. the principle told your mom she needed to talk to you, they didn't tell your mom you were pregnant. they have done nothing illegal
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