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GamiAmibe : About two weeks ago I was in a car wreck. I was going through a parking lot after backing out of a spot. This parking lot had multiple businesses. Anyways, i was going through the packed parking lot, passing all of the parked cars when all of a sudden, I heard a loud noise along the passenger side of the car. I then realized that it was a guy on a bicycle. So, I stopped immediately and checked on him. I called the police. It was just a 15 year old kid. He was going fast through the parking lot in between the cars and hit mine directly in the passenger side front fender and into the door. he was complaining about a hurt leg although he was walking on it. But, i played along. I called him an ambulance. The police showed up and declared it to be his fault. Apparently, the parking lot was private property and because the guy was on a bicycle and obviously had no "car insurance" i would have to take him to civil court. Also i do have insurance but liability only and the only thing my insurance company did was an investigation to make sure i did nothing at fault. So the damage on my car includes broken side mirror, 2 large dents in passenger front fender, dents in door to where the door wont open anymore. The officer also said they will try to sue me for medical bills but will probably b unsuccessful. my car is a 1996 pontiac sunfire gt convertible and is worth 3800 in excellent condition. Do i need a lawyer? I want to get the most money I can get for my car without it totalling out. Also i want to know if a lawyer would help or be a waste. what kind of lawyer? and can i get one who will get me more money but get a percentage of what he wins me?
also there was a witness that worked at one of the stores there. he wrote what he saw and it matches up with my info

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Ubnolermef : Yes. You can either go through the insurance company or your own attorney. Either way, it is better to be safe than sorry.
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Weanceencable : Personally I would wait to see if the kid's parents decide to try and sue you. At that time, employ a lawyer to defend and counter-sue.

In any case, I can assure you that you will not come out a winner whichever way it goes.
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MemoMocaiff : do you have no-fault insurance? yes he is at fault but stories do have a way of getting twisted around and that claim for you car damage could wind up a wind fall for the kid, I'd let this one go and hope he does too
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Drasayys : You have the police report, right--it seems clearly the idiot's fault since he ran into your side? Get an estimate on the damage, and consider small claims court if it isn't over their limit. Don't need a lawyer for small claims court.
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AZAdrion : Try asking this question on Avvo. You will get answers from several lawyers in your area that are familiar with car accidents/personal injury law, and it's free.

Megan from Avvo
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AssicsbleammaGB : My parents are divorced. By law, my father is supposed to pay child support, have medical and dental insurance, and pay half of any medical bills that is left over after insurance has paid. I am in college, and had a major car wreck this past summer. Because I live in another state than he does, the insurance company sent him a check for payment (the hospital I was sent to was out of the insurance's network) He has pocketed every dime of that money. Totaling in nearly $10,000.00!!! I m stuck paying the bill.s and am a struggling student. I eat Ramen like it's going out of style!!! I can't afford Starbuck's or Wendy's!!! Can I and/or the insurance sue for fraud/ stealing because he cashed those checks and kept the money?? He has also pocketed money on a claim of my younger brother, my brother is in high school and is a minor. Should I contact a lawyer?? I haven't ever gotten a thing from this man, not even a birthday card, and I pay for my college myself.
I called him and he admitted to pocketing the money. He called me a bunch of stuff and starting acting like a kid, I told him he was childish and he hung up.
The only problem with letting the hospital handle him, is that they will post the bill to my credit. If it goes unpaid on my credit, I can't get a student loan and thus can't pay for my college. I am over eighteen. Dead-beat parents are great!!! They screw you over every time you turn around. The way the papers were drew up, he is supposed to pay child support, have insurance, and pay any remainder medical bills until we are out of college. (Unless we join the military, get married, get emancipated, commit a felony, or become disable)
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Esonosmeansic : Your Dad is a dead beat!!! Get a good lawyer who specializing in this type of law!
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jtopwarezv : Who paid for the insurance?
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Dallas3040 : Clearly what you father did was wrong and you should get yourself a lawyer that wil be able to ask the hard questions for you. In this case you must look at your bio-father as any other person on the street and say "how would i handle this if my neighbor had done this?"
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