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HireeLarp : I was in a hit and run accident last night on the highway. A car- business/work truck, specifically- hit me on the passenger side, threw me into the left lane, and hit me again. He drove off but a car behind us that saw chased him down, got his information and delivered it to me. The driver of the vehicle can barely move her arms and neck(she's a hairstylist, so she won't be able to work for at least a few days) and my right side, I was sitting passenger, is sore and stiff.

We filed a police report, both for the wreck and the hit and run, and called the insurance to make the claim. The odd thing is the police immediately knew who we described as hitting us- he's got several warrants.

Our families are telling us to sue(we are well connected with the city police and several high level lawyers). We have the business truck's make/model/license, and are both definitely injured. IF we sue, what will be the likely outcome?
I'm not going to bother family friends- ie the lawyers- on a Sunday, but I do want to use my time wisely by being as knowledgeable about the situation as possible. But thanks for being an ass instead of being helpful like everyone else.
As for the doctors, we were in a bit of shock last night so the pain didn't fully settle in until this morning. It being Sunday, I can't find a clinic that is open. I've already made appointments for both of us tomorrow morning.

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GahAssems : You seem to be asking how the trial will come out. I have no idea. I do not know what evidence you have or whether you know how to use the evidence. You mentioned knowing the license number of the truck but did not mention if you have the name of the only person that actually saw the license number of the truck.
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Denizcan29 : you will likely win just because of the hit and run
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Syncpropypeg : If your well connected with "high level lawyers" then why havent you asked them?
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ciggriecosy : Well you definatly would win the case and recieve whatever compensation the judge thinks is fair. I would do it, how about if you or one of your family members were a pedestrian and some a**hole hit them and then ran, you or your family would do whatever it took to find who hit them. This situation isnt as bad but it could have been worse the other person decided to fuck up you car and then just let you deal with it what an ignorant f*ck, thank god that person tracked him down. So what im saying is these people dont deserve to be let off easily at all dont let him go back out driving to hurt more innocent people.
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squidoooo : If you are so "well connected" with police and "high level" lawyers - why are you out here asking random strangers.

Go ask your well-connections.
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Booftoino : you're going to need proof of your injuries. you can't just say you're injured without it being on your medical record

let's say you fractured your spine'd obviously get more for that then a stiff neck because it will cost more in doctors visits and treatment. but you need proof of either the fractured spine or stiff neck because only your word of mouth probably won't mean anything to the lawyers.

so first thing is first and if you really want to go anywhere with this, you both need to go to the emergency room -- most doctors offices don't take car accident patients. after that get a treatment plan, etc. make SURE you go to all of your follow up appointments because if you don't and you present your case ...your lack of doctors visits could backfire in your face. you say your extremely hurt, but anyone who's extremely hurt goes to the doctor (assuming they have health insurance and at this point it doesn't matter if you do because it'll likely be covered under their insurance)

nobody can predict the likely outcome except the court. we don't know all the details and don't know the other parties stories. but you will each probably be offered a settlement from the other person's insurance company (keep in mind, these take years to come across most times) and a chunk of that will have to go to your lawyer (i think it's 33%) and then you generally use the rest to cover your medical bills, car, etc.

but yes ...i wouldn't let this guy get off the hook. definitely take this to the police.
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Nazartymn : regarding this legal issue, you might want to ask some professional so that you van get the best accurate answer.. my friend says that you can call this hotline: 877-625-7146 or just drop by on their website:

but, I am thinking that if you Sue her, you'll be on the winning side, after all its her/he's fault, as you're saying it was a hit and run.

By the way the professionals that will help you on the hotline won't ask any charge, just go and try asks them.
After all having a professional advice is much better.
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wbnefcahmyha : How exactly are they paid? I know it's by the hour, but how do they count up the hours of work they did? Also, do they get more money if they win the case?

In court, are they the one who questions the witnesses, and other people on the stand, or does the judge to that?

How hard is it to become a lawyer? What is the most exciting type of lawyer to become?
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tinacligath : Most attorneys bill by the hour. Some do not.

F. Lee Bailey, for example, before agreeing to take on a case, would ask the accused to detail his assets. If the assets were sufficient, they served as payment for Bailey. This often included houses, cars, stocks and other investments. Bailey justified the "rate" by essentially promising to keep the client from the death penalty.

Attorneys who bill by the hour keep copious records of how their time was spent. They use sheets that are broken into quarter-hours (usually) and record what they did and for whom.

Some attorneys have set rates for doing certain things. Some attorneys will file an uncontested divorce (no kids, division of assets agreed to without problems) for a flat fee. Same thing with bankruptcy.

Attorneys who take on cases for damages will often waive fees in exchange for a third of the proceeds. If you sue someone in a wrongful death action (civil) and you are awarded $5 million, the attorney would get a third of that and perhaps expenses, if that was agreed to earlier.

Personal injury lawyers work like that. They are the ones you see on t.v. saying "Hurt in a wreck? Call me! If you don't get paid, I don't get paid!" Their staffs review the cases and make sure there's big money before they agree to represent the injured party.

In a courtroom proceeding, the lawyer(s) question witnesses. If you go to court representing your own self, you can question witnesses too. The judge is always free to ask questions, as well, if s/he decides to.

To become an attorney in the U.S., you must first complete a four-year college degree. Most people who want to go to law school often have undergrad degrees in history, English, American studies,etc. but a specific degree is not required.

Law school admission is fairly competitive. You must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), have good grades, excellent recommendations and a solid interview. Law school is three brutal years.

After law school, you must sit for the bar exam and pass it before you are can practice law. Each state licensed attorneys. You must be licensed in each state where you want to practice.

I don't think the law is "exciting." It is incredibly cerebral and requires a life of reading and study. I'm think many attorneys love the law and their careers. But I don't think that a lot of the stuff you see on t.v. is in fact part of the daily life of a lawyer.
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