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jordan418 : I am very unfamiliar with the court scene, so this might be a dumb question...

My roommate wants to take me to court and I plan to get a lawyer. I've only ever dealt with a lawyer once when I got hit by a car, but for that case, my lawyer handled everything for me and he never even asked me to appear in court. I really do not want to see my roommate's face if she takes me to court because I am so infuriated by the things she has said to me, so I was wondering if I get a lawyer, do I still have to show up too?
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effigheneed : If you are subpoenaed you will have to go to court. Subpoena means under penalty. If you do not show, a warrant can be issued. If it is resolved out of court you will not have to appear.
In you car accident case it was probably resolved out of court so no appearance was necessary.
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Plaulmivisual : Six years ago, at the age of 19, my boyfriend was in a bad car wreck. He stayed in a coma for almost two months and sustained a brain injury. During this time that he was mentally incapacitated, his father was "named" conservator or something like that. Therefore, the $30,000 that was part of my boyfriend's settlement from the accident, is in the sole supervision of his father. Today, my boyfriend is definitely mentally capable of handling his own money, rents his own place, is an awesome driver, ect. However, his father says that he'll ( my boyfriend) will never be able to be over/supervisor of his OWN $30,000 settlement. My boyfriend wants to better himself, get a newer, dependable vehicle, get us a house, ect., but how can he get his money out from under his controlling, greedy father? Can he remove his dad from having the authority over that money?
Also, my boyfriend recently got a letter from his doctor, deeming him mentally capable of handling his own finances, so he could get his mom's name off of his disability checks, finally.
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Soansiodo : I think I would contact a family lawyer for this matter and possible sue his parnets, first I would contact social security and see what they have to say. Good Luck
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songzhang225 : To be brief, I got screwed by a security company this weekend when they decided to tow my vehicle. I talked to the manager, let him know that I though the tow was a mistake and he said he would "investigate."

I want to know if the manager can go to the bar I was at and get information about my visit. Most importantly, what time I opened and closed my tab. I assume this would be illegal since the security manager has no affiliation with the bar in question and is not a law enforcement officer.

Not trying to sue the place or anything, I just want back the $300 I got bent over for.

I'm in Texas if it makes a difference.

Thank you in advance for your input!
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DalVelmactill : Yes, there is nothing keeping him from discussing you or anybody else.
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Ererryhew : Bartenders are not physicians or lawyers, or priests. It's not privileged information.
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exeveable : I don't want advice, i don't want to be told to contact a lawyer,

i don't want you to judge me or lecture me, I want an answer

based on what you know about tennessee education law regarding my question.

my question is:

do I need parental consent to drop out of high school

in Tennessee at the age of 17?

is it true if I drop out at 17 in Tennessee I can't get

my driver license until age 21?

what are the other legal consequences/ramifications?

if I get a GED will I be able to get into college?

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ikiwefrxckme : No, you'd need parental consent.

And a GED will only get you into community college, unless you can show high scores on your SATs.

Everyone knows that the GED is a joke. All it says to most employers is "while I'm not as stupid as you might think, I have a difficulty showing up every day."
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VasyaSeownik : 1) Simply call the board of education since they can give you a solid answer the Drop-Out Laws have changed (615) 741-5158

2) It is True but if you have a GED you can get a drivers license.

3)None that I know of

4) Absolutely the GED is equivalent to a high school diploma. The only reason why people question the validity of the GED. In the academic and business sectors, holders of GEDs have almost the same opportunities as diploma holders. All community colleges and almost all four-year institutions accept GEDs, and most businesses that require high school graduation also accept the GED. There seems to be, however, a general impression that a high school diploma is a better credential than a GED. For example, if two applicants are otherwise equally qualified, the applicant with the high school diploma may be preferred to the holder of a GED untrue when it comes to colleges but ignorant employers may follow this pattern.

As a GED advocate/Pre-Med student at a 4 year college. I did take the SATs due to the fact that I was competing against other students who had taken the SATs but some 4 year universities do not require it but if you don't want to take it simply enroll into a community college for the 1st and 2nd year then transfer.

GED Graduates who became Doctors/Astronaut/Governors/Judges/Celebrities
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