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CorporSweergy : It happened last year today, I was at a red light and a guy fell asleep at the wheel hitting my friends car in the back going 50mph, luckly I had my seatbelt on or I would be gone. I was in the back seat of the car; the car was totaled and I left in a ambulence. I got a lawyer and started to go to physical therapy for about 4 months. I had lower back problems and shoulder problems. My face was also burned from the air bag. I had passed out and nd woke up still in the car. (Scary I know) .I stopped going to physical therapy because i moved from where I was staying . I still have back problems constatly! The lawyer Is not representing me no more because I stopped going to physical therapy. Is there still a case that I can get money from his insurance? I tried to get my old lawyer back they said they can't. I stay in florida and I read that the statue of limitations is about 4yrs here what does that mean? PLEASEEEE HELP!

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bornOwnence : you still have time to pursue it
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songfeng607 : You still have time to file a claim, but you will have a hard time getting an attorney to take your case, since you failed to cooperate with the last one. And your judgment is likely to be minimized by the fact that you didn't finish the therapy.

In fact, it might cost you more (up front) to retain an attorney than you will win. But you can certainly try.

Good luck.
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Beskeragmasse : I got into a car wreck the other night and got a dui. Im only 19 and I refused to blow. Would there be any hope in me getting a lawyer and my charges maybe being lowered? I don't want to spend all the money on a lawyer if it won't help me.
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SeRviceFus : Yes. A lawyer can do you a lot of good if this is your first offense. You do not want dui's on your record because they can lead to license suspension. Take care of it NOW.
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attinkMatrerm : If you refused to blow you're practically admitting guilt. Take your punishment and save your money for the fines instead of blowing it on a lawyer.
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songfeng103 : Once you don't cooperate with the police when they attempt a sobriety test you're pretty much toast. There's really no way to prove you weren't drunk or what your blood alcohol level was, is there?

A lawyer can help, though. A good one can pick apart the evening's events and maybe find something the police did procedurally incorrect. If not, at least you have an advocate in court, someone who can help you through the thicket of the legal system and perhaps get you a less stringent punishment.

But cost shouldn't matter since you're going to save so much money in the future by not drinking any longer.


(If the answer to that last question is no, then expect to go through worse legal hassles in the future.)
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GGYGYG : I had a cop ask me to blow one time because I smelled like alcohol. Anyway when he said blow I told him sorry but I'm straight and love women.
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oncall463 : Depends entirely on your locality. Where I live, it's pretty much a waste of money to hire a lawyer for a DUI unless you simply want a "hand holding" experience & help with the paperwork. I have yet to see a defendant receive any less penalty on a DUI by hiring an attorney than if they simply plead "no contest" at the outset. But again, that's just my locality.

It should be noted, however, that because you refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test, your license will be suspended automatically. And there is absolutely nothing a lawyer will be able to do about that. It's a condition of your license and an administrative action of the DMV fully outside the court's jurisdiction.
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Pausypey : Yes, you need a lawyer, but not just any lawyer will do. All lawyers are not created equal. You need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who knows your state's DUI laws and has a winning track record when it comes to representing clients.

Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer is bad when it comes to the DMV and your driver's license.In most states refusing to submit to a breathalyzer results in an automatic 1-year license suspension without the chance of receiving a restricted or hardship license during the 1-year suspension period.

You also need to be aware that a growing number of states do not allow a person convicted of a DUI to expunge the DUI conviction from their criminal record. Meaning that any time that someone performs a background check on you they will see the DUI conviction. This makes a strong case for hiring a skilled DUI lawyer. You can contact a DUI lawyer through this website by filling out their contact form:
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