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lialpinsamy : I just got letters from a Bunche of attorney's saying that I'm being charged for a DUI and fleeing an accident... All I remember was takin an ambien and maybe had a drink then when to bed.. When I woke up in bed the police were there sayin they found my car in a fence with the keys in the passenger seat (its a habit to leave them in my ignition). They took a blood test, haven't heard the results..
What my question is, is that without any sort of proof that I was driving the car can they still give me a dui and fleeing

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Etepsips : You've been charged. You're still "innocent." But you need to get a good defense attorney right away. This is something that can mess you up forever.

Can they "give" you a dui and fleeing? The did. But until you're convicted, it doesn't count for much.

Wouldn't hurt to ease up on the alcohol and drugs, either. But that's your call. Being woken up in bed is ... well, it's a literal and figurative wake-up call, isn't it? ... Good luck!!
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Vidsgaga : Dummy
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jaggu : I think you were driving on Oblivion Highway & forgot to pay the toll.
The toll is very very steep as you shall soon see.
Hope you learn this lesson in life.
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FuhAccoughNor : Welcome to ambien hell. That is what ambien does to you - you take it like you are supposed to, you go to bed, you wake up in your car, in the gutter, in the ER, in jail, and you have no memory of how you got there.

You need to keep your mouth shut until you talk to an attorney. Don't tell the police ANYTHING because they WILL use anything you say against you in a court of law. You have the right to remain silent, and you need to see a good lawyer ASAP.

How do you know that someone did not steal your car, wreck it, and leave it there? Are there any witnesses? While it is very possible you did this under the influence of ambien, it is also possible that someone else did it. Say nothing to the police until you see an attorney.
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reitlelaway : If you want to discuss DUI problem with lawyer can contact with Orlando DUI Lawyers.If convicted of DUI, you may face other complications as well. You may be placed on probation, which limits your ability to travel, makes you subject to monitoring and random drug testing, etc. You may also be ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed. This device requires that you blow into it before your car will start. It analyzes your breath in the same manner a breathalyzer does, and if there is alcohol on your breath, the car will not start. Additionally, a DUI can have a significant impact on your insurance rates and coverage. Some companies will not be inclined to provide automobile insurance if you have multiple DUIs on your record, and others will provide it at drastically increased rates.
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yang1239p : i was in a car wreck and my doctor took x rays and said i have whip lash a sprain in my neck bone and pulled ligements in my back and neck i went and seen a lawyer he took the case what are my chances of getting a settlement and he mentioned talking about a number for the settlement what should i ask for as far as a number /money for a settlement?
that is not funny i know it wont be that much i have never had to deal with this type of situation so i dont know what to ask for when it comes time to ask for the settlement can some one give me a mature answer please but that was funny jaker
sticking to the facts not looking to get much even though it was a drunk driver hit and run situation i hate not being able to walk straight go to the doctor almost everyday and cant hold my babies
if its the max how would you double it im just pissed off at the idiot who hit us he needs to be behind bars for good and they need to compensate me for this pain and emotional distress
if its the max how would you double it im just pissed off at the idiot who hit us he needs to be behind bars for good and they need to compensate me for this pain and emotional distress
state of arkansas and he didnt explain cause he wants me to get through my psychical theropy first he knows i am in a lot of pain so he didnt keep me long as i said i have never been through this process before so i am just looking for answers i dont wanna ask for to much or to less this has made my life hard and i was in the wreck january 31st i went to the hospital two days later and they did x rays and said i was strained then i went to my chiropractor and he x rayed me and said i have whip lash a sprung neck and pulled legiments in my neck and back
and yes there was a police report a state trooper came to our home and took the information the drunk went to jail also
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Frotkishoto : You will get $4.742 million at least. Of course, that's just my guess.
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Immontetcex : Ask him what he think is the max you might get - then double it!
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Vorsanaffow : I work in this field of law. What state are you/was your accident in and how long ago was it?

Unless your attorney is a total retard, you will get a settlement. To get a rough number of how much your case is worth, you can reasonably just double your total cost of medical treatment. If the driver was drunk and there is a police report, liability is clear and the defense will likely pay very quickly. You were smart to get an attorney though.

Be careful when settling as you want to make sure you collect future damages if your body does not recover to 100% from this accident. Also, your attorneys fees and medical liens will be deducted from your settlement, so depending on your case, you may only get a third or so of your total settlement...

.... I'm wondering why your attorney didn't explain any of this to you? Who is this guy?
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