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HeteHailm : I got into an accident with a motorcyclist about 2 months ago and we were both at fault. He didn't have insurance and was speeding through a red light (going about 50 in a 45) while I was making a u-turn at a yellow light. He slammed into the front of my car and his medical bills were 90,000 dollars. Maybe if the dumbass had insurance he wouldn't have to pay it all by himself. Anyways, he is trying to sue me but I need to know if he will get anything? I found out that he got fired from his job because he told them he was working at the time of the accident and tried to file for workers comp and they found out he was lying and fired him. Can I use this against him at all? I just want this asshole off my back. I live in Florida. Thanks
I forgot to mention that no one was issued a ticket. There were four witnesses to the accident who gave statements and said that I went on yellow and he sped through the red light... I'm not sure if that will help my case or not. My insurance company offered the man a 50,000 dollar check but he declined the offer... Is there any possible way he could get more than 50,000 dollars???!? I don't even have any money! I'm a poor college student. Also, the paramedics told me on the scene that he only had a couple of scrapes and he would be sore for a while (he landed in the grass and was wearing a helmet.)
Obviously i've already talked to my insurance company. He is suing me personally because he declined the check that they offered him.

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BedoPearrr : Turn it over to your insurance company. That is what you pay them for.
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UUVUV : He's pretty risky to sue you. You can use that against him. And that he has no hope of winning.
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CadnerI : oh men 90,000 dollars? that is too much is he had a major injury into the accident? you could also fire him by driving with out an insurance, yes you can use all of them as long as you have a proof and witnesses those are strong evidences. NO he can't get more that 50,000 dollars as you have offered. And you insurance should not offered him a money since it was his fault too he wanted to get more than 90,000 dollars that is his purpose fro suing you. You know what sue him too, and much better to talk to lawyer to guide you with that.
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Appaniadutt : I moved from my previous address in the spring of '11, and into my new one this past fall. One of my employers won't update my address so when I asked my previous roommate to meet up to get my W2 (for tax season), she mentioned that a man came to the house looking to serve me with a subpoena. She says she didn't accept it (as she would've been responsible for getting it to me) and told him she didn't know where I lived (which is true; she doesn't have my new address)

Only legal matter I have standing is from a car wreck in April (I got hit by a truck, car totaled), but when I emailed my lawyer, he didn't have a clue and told me to "get served"...idk how to do that. But now I know someone is looking to serve me with papers. I haven't fought anyone, I haven't gotten a ticket since '10 (paid that off as soon as I got it), haven't done damage to someone's property. I'm afraid if I call to figure out what it is, I'll be surprised and won't like the results.

Any advice? How do I go from here?
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guccioutlet1 : You might as well call and get it over with. You might be worrying your self to death over nothing. Personally I would rather know then not know.
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rikesuiburnsc : You have two courses of action. Ignore it and force them to find you or find out what the subpoena is and deal with it. Ignoring it is simple enough, just do nothing. Finding out is easy too, just contact the court that issued it (this may be difficult to determine). The other way to find out is to call your county sheriff's department. If they are the ones serving it instead of a private process server, they will tell you what's up and then ask you a few questions about your whereabouts.

Personally? I think that there is no point in worrying about what hasn't and may never happen.
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spooppils : My husband has a child support case in Texas that he needs an attorney for. We live in IL and if the case were HERE, we could get Legal Aid for free or little money but that doesn't work when the case is in a state that you don't reside in. We joined Legal Shield hoping they could help. They offered an attorney who would give us a 25% discount for his services but even with the discount, he wants $3,000 up front.

Is there any way I can get an attorney in Texas that is willing to work with us? Do I have to start calling every attorney in Potter County (Where the case is) and ask?

Thank you!
We thought we needed an attorney because we cannot get down to Texas in order to represent ourselves. However, all parties are aware of the situation at hand and are amicable towards each other. We just need to work some things out.

This child from my husband's first marriage, no one is sure if she is biologically his or another man's. We are trying to find out who the child belongs to and thus, who "should" pay her child support. There is a new law in effect in Texas that says that the father can get a paternity suit now even after the former allotted time had run out.
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Effitswes : Use the lawyer referral service at the State Bar's website:
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