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plkattikizeliort : I'm from Maryland and I was in a nasty car accident about 4 years ago. My right arm was shattered. I lost everything , house, car, right down to my dog. Even lost my job do to my medical leave. I have more than 10,000 in medical bills. I was offered 50,000 but i would get nothing after paying the lawyer on top of that. Do i have the right to settle and choose to not pay my medical bills right away, pay them after schooling and picking myself up out of this hole, or will my lawyer make me?

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Icecrepay : yes
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AgapeMo : I wouldn't settle for 50k
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Ironing Bord : There's a good chance that the medical provider will put a lien on any settlement. That ensures that they will get paid. Talk to your attorney about the settlement. You never want to accept the first offer.
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ANNOGSEXOCA : This is simple. No matter what money you have, you have the bills. They will continue to accrue interest and, at some point, you could be sued. If you received a settlement and didn't pay your bills, that won't go over well in a lawsuit against you. Which, by the way, will cost you may thousands of dollars to fight.

If your lawyer is going to take most of your $50,000 settlement, then you got a bad lawyer. Why would you ever agree to pay a lawyer (about) 100% of your settlement?
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alomeswamskar : Yes, you have the right to refuse to pay. And the hospital has the right to send your account to collections, which might get you back into court again.

*EDIT* - Don't take any one's advice here as to whether you should accept the settlement offer or not. No one here knows all the details of your case, and cannot give any knowledgeable advice. This is something you should talk about with your lawyer.
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xxldoctttibr : don't take 1st offer

wouldn't take an offer that does cover med bills and lawyer fees, these should be included IN ADDITION to settlement

get any paperwork where you can show how much the accident really damaged you and your lifestyle of living . this might help you get a higher amount
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HireeLarp : I was in a hit and run accident last night on the highway. A car- business/work truck, specifically- hit me on the passenger side, threw me into the left lane, and hit me again. He drove off but a car behind us that saw chased him down, got his information and delivered it to me. The driver of the vehicle can barely move her arms and neck(she's a hairstylist, so she won't be able to work for at least a few days) and my right side, I was sitting passenger, is sore and stiff.

We filed a police report, both for the wreck and the hit and run, and called the insurance to make the claim. The odd thing is the police immediately knew who we described as hitting us- he's got several warrants.

Our families are telling us to sue(we are well connected with the city police and several high level lawyers). We have the business truck's make/model/license, and are both definitely injured. IF we sue, what will be the likely outcome?
I'm not going to bother family friends- ie the lawyers- on a Sunday, but I do want to use my time wisely by being as knowledgeable about the situation as possible. But thanks for being an ass instead of being helpful like everyone else.
As for the doctors, we were in a bit of shock last night so the pain didn't fully settle in until this morning. It being Sunday, I can't find a clinic that is open. I've already made appointments for both of us tomorrow morning.
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ciggriecosy : Well you definatly would win the case and recieve whatever compensation the judge thinks is fair. I would do it, how about if you or one of your family members were a pedestrian and some a**hole hit them and then ran, you or your family would do whatever it took to find who hit them. This situation isnt as bad but it could have been worse the other person decided to fuck up you car and then just let you deal with it what an ignorant f*ck, thank god that person tracked him down. So what im saying is these people dont deserve to be let off easily at all dont let him go back out driving to hurt more innocent people.
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squidoooo : If you are so "well connected" with police and "high level" lawyers - why are you out here asking random strangers.

Go ask your well-connections.
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