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cooffcoasoli : I’m living in a Toxic Environment and have no way out, I’m currently sharing an apartment with my sister and about two days ago my mother came home and also moved in with her sister ( my aunt), her daughter and soon her husband. So it’s six people in the house and only my sister and me works and we pay all the bills while others just sit around. Me and my sister was getting along before my mother came back home and now she says she wants me out the house even though I’m the only one helping pay bills. Her name is the only name one the lease and I work part time and make around $ 585.00 per month. I just finished college and will be graduating in August this year with My A.A.S and I plan to continue to get my B.A. My mother’s said she’s not coming to my graduation and I have no car and my aunt won’t take me so I’m unable to go to the ceremony. I have no respect in this house and like I said I make around $ 585.00 per month but after paying bills I’m left with about $ 150.00 per month I’m unable to move out. My mother has never supported me because she always favored my sisters I’m her only child in college and the first in my family. I have no options but I hate living in a place where I’m unwelcomed I also plan on going to the army after my graduation but that’s not until august and probably will ship out later this year or next. While I’m waiting what are my option what can I do to not be so stressed any advice? I don’t have family that will take in so I have to continue to live in hells house/ I’m 21 years old.

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epfvbfaz : Get out of the house dude, I was in the same situation but not nearly as bad as yours. My mom, step dad and step brothers would not respect my sleep and kept waking me up just to annoy me or for some stupid stuff. However, I moved in with roommates and first few months were fine until one of my roommates' favorite game came out for 360. He plays/talks really loud when I'm trying to sleep and it's actually worse than living at my moms house. I tell him to stfu but it just happens again the next day. The other roommate somehow it doesn't bother him. My advice, if you can't afford an apartment by yourself, find a REASONABLE roommate you can trust. That's where I messed up and can't wait til the lease is up.
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Pete2011 : find a roomate and get a new apt and dont ever tell them where you are.
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vobNovepriera : I am sorry, but now you know where you stand with your sister. Save your money, but pay your own share of the bills until the lease runs out (I assume your lease has a fixed period, like a year). Do not re-sign it, but instead move to another place on your own or with someone else. Good luck to you.
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Ishigedjei : Read the lease very carefully as most leases have a clause limiting the number of occupants or the length of time, usually 15 days, that guests may stay in the unit. As a signer on the lease you have the power to evict these relatives. Inform the landlord of the situation and he/she may evict them.

Worth a try.
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ReomserepTesy : Like you leave it on the bill. So how do they get it
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eraliahef : Not entirely sure.

Are you referring to when you pay by card and the machine asks if you want to leave a gratuity?

If so then I would guess that at the end of the evening the cashing up process would highlight the amount paid for the meals versus the amounts paid for tips i.e. the waitress will have processed say £50 for the meal, but you gave £55 inc tips, which would mean the cash register would have £5 more than it should.

I would surmise that the excess would be given to the waiting staff. However, whether the establishment chooses to identify individual staff tips or whether they all go into a pool and get divided up I don't know.
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vxperhapslh : i don't really want to repeat the whole question again
you win? you can lose at bonds? like a lottery? for crying out loud, someone explain how you can win at bonds in the uk.
in the us, you just buy them and you GET the interest you are owed on the bond. you don't win anything, you don't lose anything.
is this a language thing? they call getting interest winning?
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Asselttox : your thinking about Bonds where over here yes we have those Bonds but we also have Premium Bonds and my personal favourite...Basildon Bond ...……

have a look down the right hand side a touch ...someone from Essex has just won a million pounds...
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icefarcandino : A bond can be many things, in the UK there are "Premium Bonds" - government investment, there is a chance of winning a prize and the bond can be returned for the original payment.
Investment bonds are purchased from banks and building societies (and other investment houses), they can either pay a fixed interest for the period of the bond or they can be invrsted to increase in value.
Some carry a risk some are as secure as the bank issuing the bond - this is capitalism to get more you risk more.
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