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Bbnolermef : Should Pacquiao get applauded for giving a legend his last big payday.I tried to build Shane up for this fight but i knew Mosley no longer had the skill to pay the bills like he did 10 years ago.Top Contributor Sean G said Mosley was now a bee with no stinger and he was correct and i apologize to him for not believing.

Pacquiao is a disgrace for fighting a Legend who now slurs his words but the nice guy that Pacquiao is he actually couldn't bring himself to punish Shane b/c he knew that Shane was too old.That's why he kept touching his gloves.

What is you're most memorable Sugar Shan Mosley moment?
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AvedaCleava : I'm glad you have come back...? YEAHHHHHH....SUGAR TIME BABY!!!!!!!!
YOU had injected too much insulin to Mosley that's why his blood sugar went down and weakened a lot.

Now you are for Sergio?
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smarharne : I applaud Shane's career, but how is Pacquiao a disgrace? There is no one left really who is left Victor Ortiz, Amir Khan, Timothy Bradley? The only fight that is left is Mayweather, and that fight is doubt able at best from happening. The only way Pacman will find more immediate competition is in a higher weight class, but he's already gone threw 8 different weight classes, and I think asking him to go up again is a little to much. He struggles to make whelterweight.

But Big ups to Mosley for making the attempt,b/c instead of allot of talking he said I'm going for it. In his prime that would of been a more competitive match
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Teweennadaync : yes, shane mosley is a boxing legend for sure. my favorite moment is when he beat oscar de la hoya for the 2nd time.
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zocbystvp : for force allegations while in custody in the department that resulted in physical injuries and emotional distress? It happened on April 1st. The sheriff's dept took pictures of my injuries, a video with my testimony and took me to the hospital before sending me to jail. When I went back to the police to pick up my belongings I was short $38.00 and a gold Gucci watch I was wearing at the time of my arrest is missing (no records of it of course). To add to the list, the police told the hospital on 5/5 that I'm responsible to pay the bill ($2,000)!
Any advice? I don't have a lawyer therefore I am filing it by myself. Where and how do I start?
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imallyFleeD : If you have to ask "Where and how do I start?" plan on losing. You *need* a lawyer.
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RHIFTARRICH : Wow! Glad that isn't me. I really don't know anything about self defense situation or whatever you call it. You probably need a lawyer or you will be stuck paying $2,000. I don't know I'm am pretty useless for questions like these. I'm bored.
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cymnSlini : There's an old saying: "A person who represents themselves in court...has a fool for a lawyer!"

You can telephone attorney's and get free counseling with many handling your case on contingency!
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RoyabyRor : Typical, blame the police right? Maybe you shouldn't have gotten your stupid, sorry self arrested to begin with. Stuff happens, suck it up if you had enough money to afford that item in the first place you can surely take the time to go by another. I think it's safe to assume you probably abuse the welfare system as well to afford all these things?
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Sopmduozlhi : I'm stuck on these questions..

1. On May.13.2010, Jacob invested $4000. On February 1,2011, He instends to pay Fred $4300
for a used car. The bank assured Jacob that his investment would be adequate to cover the purchase. Determine the minimum simple interest rate Jacob's money must be earning.

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