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CristeCrype : I'm working towards my bachelor's (polysci major and history minor). Will a job applicant look better with a bachelor's and paralegal certification as opposed to just a certification or associates? I would imagine so but wanted to check. Also I don't want to go to law school but want to make decent money. I've done research and found that paralegal work will pay around 50k per year average with 10 years plus of work experience. I know its hard to say, but for one person living modestly (nice stuff but not luxury) is 50k a year enough to pay bills and still put money in the bank generally speaking? Thanks.

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enhartythedge : For a paralegal what most people get is an associate’s degree and certification. Although a bachelor's degree plus certification is better. Also to get certain certification you must have a bachelor's degree. Also so ABA training programs may require you to have a bachelor's degree.

An ABA paralegal training program will help you chances with getting a job, but to most employers in not necessary. There are also various certifications that you can get on top of the degree such as; Certified Legal Assistant (CLA), Certified Paralegal (CP), American Alliance Certified Paralegal (AACP), Registered Paralegal (RP), and Professional Paralegal (PP). Although again, certification is
not generally required by most employers, but may help you to get the job.

Many colleges offer paralegal courses, so you do not necessarily have to go to law school. Paralegals can tend to work on and off, so you may not be making that exact amount. Although I do believe that 50k a year is enough to live a modest life.
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GroomoDropy : My mom is crying right now. There are 12 people living in my house right now, and my parents can't pay the bill. I'm the oldest child at 15 and I want to help them. I don't know how. I live in a small town, where work isn't available until you are at least 16. I can't imagine being forced to leave my home again, and I have a deep respect for my parents, but they are struggling and I need to help in any way I can. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance.
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ikiwefrxckme : You could sell a few of your things on craigslist for extra money.
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VasyaSeownik : I am sure with that many dependents, your family probably qualifies for some sort of government assistance (food stamps, HEAP, etc). Try a search on the web. At 15, jobs are scarce. You could try hanging flyers in town offering to babysit, or help with housework. Hang in there, things have a way of working themselves out.
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Vophoishbog : Just do random things for them like doing dishes or mow the lawn, stuff like that. Also ask them what you can do. I think just them knowing you care will help them.

Good luck
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Dornorenterne : try maybe..babysitting...
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trobolcarbope : Perhaps there are children needing to baby sat or you could volunteer service at a local business and then gain experience and get job with them when you are 16. things will get better,

night doesn't last long
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origneeficigo : I do really well in school and on paper but I'm not an outspoken person. I really like banking and its pretty much the only thing that I would "tolerate" doing for the next 40-50 years
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Atrormmup : Trader
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