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nersFoogeonge : Just yesterday, my iPod Touch (4th generation) won't let me get apps (worth money or free), as well as songs!
It says a sign in is required and I need to check my billing information. Once I type in my password and fill out my Visa info, it says it's invalid, but I know for certain it's not. I checked my Visa account just in case to see if everything was fine, and it was, so I don't know what's up with iTunes and the App Store..
I also don't understand why it won't let me download free apps/songs, because I don't need to pay for them, so billing info shouldn't be required, but apparently it is...
Does anyone know hw to fix this?

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inermainfom : Get a Droid you Hipster fag...
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filpacytra : it might be better to have the credit card on file, and saved with the account.

you'd have to open itunes to do that
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JanoNease : Apologies in the instance that this approach might be a tad off issue but I simply had to write about this particular excellent thing I learned. Apple inc is creating an overstock of the new ipad along with providing away $100 itune gift card so that you can down load these types of very good songs! I recently obtained my ipad tablet two as well as i-tunes gift card through the mail a few days ago.
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Aboloplessy : I need help here, I went to a school in maryland for 3 semesters in which I got financial for 2 out of those 3 semesters, I got sick after that and couldnt atten school anymore but now Iam trying to go back to school in my home state of NY when I found out I owe my old school money. Ive since began paying off the debt but my old school still wont release my transcript to the cuny system in NY. I wanted to know if theres a way that I can still attend school and pay off my old school's debt at the same time or else I would have to wait until I pay off my old debt just to go back to school and that bill is pretty big. Now before I left my old school I did obtain my official transcript but that is 2 yrs old and I'm still considering using that if my school won't release my transcript. Can anyone help with some answers??? I would love to continue my education right now instead of waiting until I pay off the debt just to get my transcript.
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arcadeismyname : I do really well in school and on paper but I'm not an outspoken person. I really like banking and its pretty much the only thing that I would "tolerate" doing for the next 40-50 years
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esyez004 : There are quite a few misconceptions about investment banking (and banking more generally), one of which is that you need to be loud, cocky and 'in your face'. You don't. You do need confidence in your own ability and reasonably articulate, but in some areas (notably research, or anything quantitative) you can often find some more introverted (or at least, less extroverted) personality types. Even in the supposedly macho world of trading, I encountered some relatively shy traders during my time in the market.

However, you might want to avoid sales roles.

Just make sure you keep your grades up and stay in touch with market developments.

Best regards
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CialisFree : reject my application. My credit score is 735 but i am only 20 and unemployed (break from uni) would banks consider giving me an investment mortgage of around 100k if i had an guarantor with a score of 920?
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skekwoopy : No, it is highly unlikely that anyone would consider lending money under these circumstances.
even with a guarantor, you would need to have a deposit and a source of income.
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Kifeinfeteeks : Any chance of a lend of a 5r?
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