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wiesaddlibe : last night, my dog ran out of our yard and spotted the neighbors dog playing in the back yard. Unfortunately, since my neighbor and i dont have a fence in between us, my dog attacked their little dog. We took our neighbors dog to the emergency vet since it was late at night, only to discover that the dog needed surgery. I was told that the bill would come out to more than 13 thousand dollars. I told the neighbor that i just dont have that kind of money but he proceeded to have the surgery anyway. If my neighbor sues me, am i liable to pay 13 thousand dollars for his dogs surgery? I dont like to put a value on life but, if the bill came out to around a thousand dollars or so, i would pay it, but 13 thousands seems a bit too much, no? Please help.
we took the neighbors dog to an emergency vet, where they told us that the dog had a punctured liver. The surgery would cost us 13 thousand dollars.
i have a low fence around my patio area, but there is no fence between my neighbor and I. I usually dont leave my dogs in the back patio, but i had guests over last night. I forgot to put a leash on my dog. This is the first time it jumped over my patio fence.
my dog is a korean jindo, and my neighbors dog is a maltese. I dont have home owners insurance since i rent. The surgury was already performed last night. Waiting to hear from neighbor about the condition of his dog.

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Carmaautoto : Get a copy of the bill from the vet. Thirteen thousand sounds like alot, even for an emergency surgery. If you own your home, file a claim with your home owners insurance. In the meantime, get a fence put up or keep your dog on a leash outside, assuming animal control won't be by to pick him up first.
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Sariannes : What on earth was needed, to amount to that sort of money!! Personally, and I know this sounds harsh, I'd have had to considered euth. rather than put one of mine through that sort of costly surgery. Was this an Emergency Room costing? To be honest, I don't believe that figure, and you need to get a fully itemised bill before paying out anything!
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undurndiads : You may want to contact a lawyer, or at least ask this question in the Legal Section. I have no ideas what the laws are in areas where there are no fences, but my guess is that there is at least a leash law. Both of you may be at fault.
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ZoomyuttetFem : you are liable for every bill related to the injuries, if you can't control your dog then put it down because you have not trained your dog.
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chuyun4841 : Yes, you are on th hook for the bill. It is not up to you what price is reasonable.
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acilivesserma : End of the day both dogs were off the lead so you shouldn't have to pay as dogs should be on leads around other dogs if you are unsure and as neighbours you both know dogs are next door so technically its not your fault or his
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totJintyBoxia : no you wouldn't but at the same time you should of told him to do it and you would pay him like 20 bucks o mounths but he shouldn'y go with it with out talking to you both of you are at falt him for not talking to about the surgary and you for not talking to him about any thing so there is no one to blame but your selfs and THATS TO MUCH IN THE FIRST PLACE THIS HAPPENED TO ME NOT THE SAME WAY BUT IT COSTED ME AROUND A GRAND THE DOCTOR IS RIPING YOU OFF.
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evaBorkJeoke : Hey, Don't listen to that person. Don't put your dog down.. people who put dogs dog shouldn't have pets.

you need to tell them that you need to see the vet bill and if that vet charges 13 thousand dollars than you aren't paying because you know there is a vet that will be waaaay cheaper than that..

don't get played..
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qndrew2012 : I would contact my insurance company immediately. I don't know the laws in your area, but if your dog went into your neighbors yard and attacked their dog, you may well be liable for the vet bill. The amount seems high, but without knowing what procedures were performed, it is hard to know. Get an itemized bill and get it to your insurance company.

What is the breed of your dog and your neighbor's dog?
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