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NamImpaimafes : Is it true that in other countries you can actually go to school as a full-time student and get paid to do so? I work full-time and go to school three quarters time and I would love to have some way to pay my bills without having to work and be able to devote myself full time to my studies.

How is this possible?
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origneeficigo : That's not true in Canada.
Unless you won a scholarship or something lol.
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LonoMency : i have broken up with my long term boyfriend. we lived together we argued but i was never good eenoughhe never said sorry and after months of this he broke me eenoughfor me to over dose in front of him, he sSimplywent to work leaving me to my fate. he has bbrokenthe fun loving person i was.. my friends say i am the most caring person they know but i just feel like i am nasty and stressy and a let down.. i did everything for him i paid his bills i lent him my car but to him i was selfish and nasty. i ddon'tknow how i am so nasty wen all i did was give him everything???
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zocbystvp : You're co-dependent and have addictions...please get some help before you hurt yourself or others.
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TrurlNismmish : never be ashamed of your past oh well we live and learn and i would not listen to my ex and what ever they have to say. remember this if you think it is necessary to judge me by my past then don't get mad when i put you there... just be happy with who you are and find someone to share your life with..
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Spaleabegebew : Currently, I'm a sophomore in high school. I used to want to be a surgeon for some time, specifically a neurosurgeon. But I realized that such a career wasn't worth it in many ways. Mainly due to the amount of debt that would likely be amassed due to medical school, in addition to that fact that I would probably be at least 30 years of age before I start making real money.

So I'm really interested in a career involving finance, especially investment banking. I know my uncle had some role in hedge funds and day trading before he retired.

I realize that it's extremely competitive and cutthroat to even get your foot in the door of most bulge-bracket firms, but I was just wondering any advice in terms of what I could do in high school to prepare for a finance-related career like investment banking? I think I'm pretty much on my way to an Ivy League college, or at least some good school.
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QueuewsPewMemS : if in USA, visit and use a library
for the real answers.

visit study info at
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Insenoloals : Ace math - especially Algebra and Statistics - you're going to need these. Additionally, if they offer it, take Economics. Most of what you'll need you'll be able to study in college but first you have to get into a good school with a strong finance program. Your SAT scores will be very important - practice, practice, practice for that test! Good luck!....
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StatlyAroro : reject my application. My credit score is 735 but i am only 20 and unemployed (break from uni) would banks consider giving me an investment mortgage of around 100k if i had an guarantor with a score of 920?
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j Baume du tigre : Very unlikely and why would a guarantor underwrite a loan that could leave them with a debt repayment of up to £250,000 should you default.
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