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MornOccaranog : I have just moved house. The house I moved from I had lived in and rented for 6 1/2 years. When we first looked at the house before moving in we thought the place was a joke. It was discusting. The carpets were badly ripped and soaked in dog urine and there was dog urine over the walls and the house was generally dirty and not really habitable.We walked away but in the end had to change our mind as we were desperate. We could not find any where else to rent and had a baby and needed a roof over our head. We asked the landlord if he could change the carpets and re decorate he refused. So before we could move in we had to replace all the carpets at our own expense and had to re decorate at our own expenss. We never like living there are all the time we were looking for some where else but could not find any where. The house was horrible. The hot water and heating did not work properly, the gas fire did not work and was the only heating down stairs. They never had the boiler or gas fire fully serviced in the whole time we lived there. The back of house kept flooding but land lord would not do any thing, the house had big damp, mould and mildew problems in every room. We are so glad to have finally left that house. When we moved out we completly redecorated and cleaned the house well. Today I recieved a very rude threatening letter demanding I pay for thing that were already broken when moved in, they say my decorating was not good enough and that ive got to pay for a proffessional decorator to re decorate whole house. The list goes on its rediculouse, they even state some thing about a new pair of trousers that I need to pay for as they aparently got covered in paint which isnt possible as when handed key in all paint was dry. What are my legal rights do i have to pay this huge long bill. Is seems rediculous and unfair and I feel the land lord and agent are having a laugh. It clearly states in lease agreement that have to leave property in same condition as when moved
Out the property is clearly in much better condition than when moved in. Perhaps I should have borrowed a dog before moving out. I appologise for this being so long. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks in advance
Ed fox we did look for some where else but could not find any where else. And any thing else was extortioate rent that we could not afford. We took the house only because we were desperate we had a baby and needed a roof over our head. Im sure if you were that desperate you would take any thing to make sure there was a roof over your childs head.

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jshufs8s2d : You didn't leave it in the same condition. You decorated and replaced the carpets. Why?
If the accommodation was not suitable for you and the landlord refused to replace anything, you should have found another place
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Ununteepheddy : i was running and i tripped and i tried to stop my self and i landed on my thumb.ok so my thumb is all bruised and its bruised all around my thumb. and it hurts to move it but i can move it a little. my dad wont take me to a doctor cause he doesn't want to pay that bill.i have put it in ice and it still hurts. can you tell me what i did like is is broke or what. and what else should i do to stop the pain? buy a brace? other that the doctor. and do you think i should go to the doctor? help me my thumb really hurts.
i don't usually cry and when i fell i didn't really hurt i just keep running but i felt the pain. a lot. what can i do to go to the doctor to get x rays he very mean. i have asked him to go and he blew up and ran down stairs and got a bucket of ice and i had to sit there with my finger in there for 10 min. i have tried to complain in of him and he gets mad and tells me to shut up! what can i do??
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Nicole1974 : I think you have probably broken it. I suggest going to the hospital to get x-rays but immobilize it as best you can unilateral you get there. Best of luck! Xx
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Jeojeryceby : I really like Computer science,Mathematics and Finance;the course of financial engineering involves all these three. And i want to have a career in investment banking.I want to know which qualification will be more helpful for a career in investment banking: A master in Financial engineering or MBA in finance. But personally,i am more for sure more interested in the course of financial engineering.
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UnesyHekances : Well I might not be the best source of credibility on the topic because i am fairly new to the financial engineering sector of education because it is somewhat of a new topic in education but I think that is a great way to go if you care to be an investment banker. Best majors for your desired goal would probably be Economics, Finance, Mathematics and Business. MBA's are quite honestly necessary, along with experience and references, to become an investment banker but a PhD would be that much more beneficial. Hope this helps.
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EricWZ : the different offers from a bank and credit union. the different offers from a bank and credit union
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RCJames : a cup of coffee when you walk in
a tissue if you sneeze
a glass of water if you're thirsty
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Snilegriercep : This depends on what product you are looking at. Are we talking mortgages, checking/savings accounts, investment options? Credit unions usually offer lower fee and free bank accounts however traditional banks are working hard these days to stay competitive.
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Bockimike : Investing in such a scheme is a good idea. Anytime you can put money into a retirement fund and LEAVE it there helps to assure your future retirement, Don't worry about leaving it there beyond age 55, because the risk of inflation destroying you nest egg is greater the the market risks of the stock market in the long run.

As to investing in an ethical fund (socially responsible companies) they quite often perform poorer than the market as a whole, so stick mainly to a general market index fund.
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