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mashiwom : My boyfriend and I live together and split all of the bills. I don't make a ton of money, but enough to pay the bills with a little left over. He's been out of work for about a month but has a lot of money saved. I want to go on a trip with my cousin at the end of July and have started saving money for the trip. Of course I'm going to have to let my boyfriend know that I'm going, but I know he's going to tell me that "we" don't have the money for me to go. I'm not going to spend the bill money or ask him for money for the trip, I'm going to put some of my own money aside for it.

What's the best way to talk to him about this? I really don't feel like arguing with him over money.

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franklynjehoj : This is a tough one, but maybe you can ask this question over at Jamrie
Its more of a personal advice website.
People over there might be able to help you out.

Just trying to help :)
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induttott : Lets say i served 4 years in US Army active duty and got a honorable discharge.
1) How much will the Army pay of college after 4 hours of service?

So i get accepted into the college and accepted into ROTC.
2) Does ROTC cost money? Do you get paid from ROTC if your using the GI Bill?

Graduate college and ROTC.
3) I know you get commisioned back in but how does it happen? Do you actually have to go and sign up again or what?

4) If i wanted to serve 20 years. Would those 4 years of college stop me from getting retirement pay right when i retire? Like would i start getting when im 60?
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Effitswes : My annum package is 45000 Usd, have
1. Savings in ICICI ULIPS, 3,00,000 ? annum with 6 different savings already completed 4 yrs.

2. Savings bank floating amount of 1 million approx.

3. Life insurance around 3,00,000? total invested.

4. Fixed Property worth 1.2Crores.

Age 39yrs married with two kids, 5 and 8 yrs.

Dream to have World tour with my wife, Dream to open Training center for graduate engineers.

please let me know how i can regularize my savings in a smart without risk,. Presently i am a NRI.
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Sepecoagree : yahoo answrs is not the place. go talk to an advisor
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immekGive : Sounds like you want to have it all? Have your started to save? Then use every means available to save. You will need to save the max amount in every way you can to do this.
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enurmouse : Im an engineering student applying for an investment banking internship which is being offered through our career center. I am an engineering major, so basically my question is how do I show my genuine interest in becoming a banker even without a finance/accounting degree? Can I be so blunt as to say 'Well engineers generally work very hard and I understand that bankers also work very long hours' in as many word, or do I need to go for a more veiled approach. How should I approach the question of why investment banking, if you are an engineering major, and should this be addressed in the cover letter? Thank you.
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Audinkunwindy : You are unlikely to get an internship for a completely different major. Talk to your campus career center or department advisor for assistance.
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floalpawl : My work has enrolled me in NEST and I would go for their ethical fund,PDF.pdf

I've never really thought about pensions before, so I would like some help on understanding it.

This not for profit organisation puts into my pension pot a couple of quid a week as do I from my wages, and the government pays in too. They invest my money over the time I have the pension in companies and try to "grow the money" - I'm 32 so I guess I would put into this for another 23 years and take it out when I'm 55 (cause I can and I don't want the risk of leaving it longer) I see it as a bit of a gamble, like me myself gambling this money.

I'm a temp so while I will be in this scheme automatically for the next few months at least, I won't be in it once I move agencies or get a permanent job, so I just want to decide whether to keep putting into this of my own volition when I leave this agency.

So I'm hoping for someone who knows something more about pensions, more than me, who has only just really looked into it.

I will have this, plus my state pension (assuming it's still there of course) and let's assume I will marry my partner, who is self-employed on a low wage and will also have a state pension of full contribution.

Also, I know this isn't a company, but what are the real chances of it "going bust" so to speak? I mean the government are paying into it so one might assume it is somewhat safe...but these people are investing my money, and there is a risk, is this national scheme safe or would you say it was a waste of time and money if I put some cash into this over 20 years?

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SahSooroVaw : Your question is very complex, and involves making important decisions regarding your retirement years. You should consult a professional adviser.
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