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asdrjh536 : I earn £6 an hour and i work 27 hours a week, is it possible to get my own place and live off it?

I need a 1 bedroom studio maybe? Ive been told its impssible with my wages.

On my own

Also take into account that i buy about £20 of food a week and have to pay bills, and food.

I also go to college

help me please
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Slolcadly : Depends where you live, but on that wage you should qualify for housing benefit or something.
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ozrf4332 : You'd really struggle, but do your research and see what the rental cost of a property would be. Then factor in council tax, insurance, heat, light, water, food, travel...for now it might be a bit optimistic to think you could go it alone.
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dsyez007 : Theoretically yes you can, but you would be busting your a$$ cutting every coupon saving money where ever humanely possible spending almost nothing on food and you would have no cushion what so ever. That means that you wouldn't be able to buy anything other than necessities.

So the answer is no, get a roommate.
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meslefectra : You'd be very unlikely to manage your own place but could definitely afford a room in a shared house. At 18 (from your other question) that's probably the best choice as well.
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EduKui-Heru : You can do freelancing kind of jobs, if you are talented in data entry, writing etc. It is less time consuming and you can earn a passive income through freelancing jobs. I would suggest www.greatlance , one of the best online market place where you can find many freelancing jobs.
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child1sm-- : We both work full time jobs. He makes more a month than I do, spends his money on hunting & fishing trips with his brothers & their friends. I wouldn't have a problem with that, except that he doesn't pay his 1/2 of the bills before he spends on his expensive hobbies. Then, he seems to think it's up to me to pick up the financial slack. I've got my own bills to take care of; I should not have to pay everything so he can go out and have fun on the weekends. That leaves me with no money for the little, everyday things that pop up. I don't like being broke 3 days after I get paid. Any advice from someone who's been there?
I am actually looking for a 2nd part time job because of this, to get caught up on MY bills. He can figure his out himself. He spends money like it grows on trees, then complains that we're broke for the rest of the week! Well, duh!
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RCJames : Your living with a taker. He won't change either in fact he will worsen as time goes on. Good god don't marry him. An don't get pregnant cuz you will be paying for EVERYTHING for that child - he will be gone.

I say drop this loser. Now. yeah yeah you love him but if you stay your stuck for now on "raising him" like a child. He plays and you work and never benefit from your hard work. No way jose would I have a man so selfish as this guy. But it's your choice.
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dingvenivaw : I did an it was approved immediately but they said it will take two weeks for me to receive the funds. I don't understand that. I don't understand why it will take two weeks to receive funds, especially when it is a hardship an already approved.
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nersFoogeonge : Caren is correct...that money isn't just "sitting in a cash drawer" somewhere, it is invested in Mutual funds and/or Bond funds owned by other corporations who have their own procedures, policies & restrictions regarding how swiftly money can be taken out...the delay has far more to do with the investment choices YOU made than with the 401(k) plan Administrators!

You shouldn't be making a withdrawal from a 401(k) anyway unless you are 59-and-a-half or older, you will instantly owe a 10% penalty on that withdrawal (gone forever!) plus regular Income tax at your prevailing rate on whatever you take out...if you plan poorly enough, the withdrawal itself could push you income for this tax year into a higher bracket so you lose even more!

It would have been wiser to get an extra job...
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