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CliemoGlomi : i want to contact Gates with working, no fake numbers
no fake or else your answer get abbused

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UUVUV : Leave a message with Microsoft. Good luck with him returning your call though.
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CadnerI : there is no possible way for you to get his number, it's on a red list, meaning you can't get it from phone companies and the yellow pages, you could call Microsoft and ask if they were hiring but they probably outsource to a developing country.....
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Etepsips : Sure here it is:
He'll answer the phone and talk to you directly at any time, day or night.

Sorry, I can't get the numbers to work on my keyboard
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ZobNeremono : My ex boyfriend and I have a 2 year old daughter. We have recently just split and it's only been a week but in that week, he has made no effort to see or ask about our daughter. I have contacted him in efforts to try and get him to spend time with her and it's honestly like pulling teeth. He moved back home, has no bills to pay has absolute freedom and none of that is the case for me. When I discussed with him the terms that I feel we should agree to, which is joint custody, he said no, he will take her 1 day a week and every other weekend. It is really important that she has her father in her life and this makes me really sad that this would even be his decision and he would be satisfied seeing her such a small amount. I love spending every minute with my daughter but she is his responsibility as well. In the fall I am registered to start nursing school and this is going to be very difficult on me as a single parent especially if the father only agrees to what he wanted which was 1 day a week and every other weekend. What boggles my mind about this is my ex and I have been at points before where we were close to breaking up and he would be so devastated over it and be like I never wanted this for us. I've always wanted us to be a family. I hate the thought of not getting to see our daughter everyday. I really felt like not seeing her would affect him more.
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3prprofilh : No you can't force it upon them sadly. What you can do is have it reflect on your child sharing custody/agreement. The more you have her, the more child support he has to pay. Also, make him realize that baby sitting fees will increase if he can't/won't take her so you can go to school/work.
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ivanbyss : The answer is YES, but YOU can not force it to be so, only a Judge can do that darlin!
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Evarroria : well in order for that to happen he would have to agree upon it or force you to have a dna test, but personally i would just get the child support and force that upon him, make him ask for the dna test right now you hold all the cards because you never married him, i will tell you what i tell the men who ask, and that is bascially the same thing the only way he has any rights is a dna test
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accocagcise : I am new to investing (6 months now) and my only investment is a Roth IRA from Vanguard's 500 Index Fund. I am very confused when it comes to realized / unrealized gains and the option of selling shares of this index fund. When will I turn unrealized gains into realized gains and then pay taxes. Sorry if this doesn't make sense but I am clueless.
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Byhopynep : NOT TAXABLE!
In any type of account, unrealized gains are those where the stocks or mutual funds that you hold have risen in value, whereas realized gains are those where you have sold your position for a profit. In a regular investment account, your realized gains for the year are reported and are subject to capital gains tax. In an IRA, however, gains are not taxed while the funds remain in the retirement account. With a regular “Traditional” IRA, you deduct your contributions from your income before taxes so that none of the money has been taxed and upon withdrawal, all distributions are taxable. With a ROTH IRA, your contributions to the account are in after tax dollars and when you take withdrawals after age 59 ½, they are completely tax free, including any gains you made on your investments.
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