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ivanbyss : I want to compile a list of every single gas station that is supplied by exxon mobile....I need your help. I want to start a website informing everyone across the US. My hopes are that I can get enough people to boycott them that their profits will plummet forcing them to lower their prices to re-gain business. In turn the ripple effect will occur and other gas companies will be forced to lower their prices. We the people have the power.....we need to become one and band together. Only united can we succeed. Our voices can not be heard unless they are spoken together. Pls anyone who reads this help me research this. Help me fight back against the gas companies who still make billions in PROFIT...thats after all their bills and after they pay their employees...PROFIT...they are earning billions each quarter while the rest of us struggle to survive. Not to mention that some of the dont pay taxes. LOL how can our government allow them to be tax exempt and make the people who have little or no money pay taxes and struggle. Our government is not doing what it was designed to do. All they see is dollars for themselves. The government was formed to work for us....but in my eyes they are not doing their jobs. Every day millions of americans complain about the economy complain about fuel prices and nothing is done...Our tax money paid for all the gas in the fuel reserves so why not open it to help lower the prices and help us. Im asking everyone to help me find gas stations that use exxon mobile oil so we can boycott them and lower the prices.

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cheahrone : You're a real dreamer, aren't you>
Not content with relatively cheap gas - half the price of what it costs in the UK and Europe - you seem to genuinely think your little petition/boycott will scare Exxon management
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goodevry6 : Gas is gas, sold through distributors, you can not ID Exxon produced gas. Besides the rest of the county is not interested in your lame, stupid boycott.

Do you know the difference between a profit & a profit margin? I don't think you do, you have your panties in a wad over some thing you don't understand.
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Plaitikepak : Is this not AMAZING?

Whenever Conservatives correctly "generalize" who Liberals and Democrats are by listening to Democrat Politician talking points, we see a few bickering Libs and Dems talking about how "they" pay their bills and are responsible...

Since when does 10% of a group represent it?

Libs/Dems? Why not accuse Democrat politicians of being wrong about who you are too since THEY tell the world who you are with slogans like "Hope and Change" and by offering handouts and entitlements for your votes?

How long is this charade going to continue?

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GLAGOGARBOSSE : They are afraid the 90% will turn their " tolerance & compassion " toward them.
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weappeast : I'm not following the train of thought?
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SessNeiny : Do you have any evidence that 90% of Dems fail to pay their bills?

Did you know that most of the biggest welfare states vote Republican?
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Coarmarib : Your 10/90 idea is just silly.
It's 99% of Democrats who make the rest look bad.
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reitlelaway : Hello,

What are you referring to? Please list some sources so that we, who would like to help you get an answer actually understand what it exactly is that you are talking about. I have no clue.
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wamyenganeumb : Liberals--Progressives--- Democrats are their own worst enemy. Hey Dems how
are those Palin e-mails going LOL
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