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Jeojeryceby : I was with sprint a little over ten years and for the most part always had the every thing plan. My nephew came to visit for the summer and I changed it to the family plan. They charged me over two hundred dollars on the first bill instead of regular fee's and ten bucks. I called customer service they apologized and fixed it. The next month my bill was four hundred dollars so I called again and they fixed it. The next month it was over six hundred dollars basically this went on for over a year until I was just tired of it. My contract ended so I called and canceled my phone they said I owed over 2400 dollars. After talking to a supervisor they dropped it to 400, I was not willing to pay anything and now its on my credit.They could see the mistake but couldn't do anything about the automated system. They were easy to deal with when you could understand them and always fixed it but my phone would get shut off when the system applied the past amounts of over a thousand dollars. I would still be with them but honestly was tired of calling every month to turn my phone back on over a mistake. Do I have a case?

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cheap uggs : I always start preparing hours before I have to be at work or any other important place im going. Once im dressed, and feel ready to leave the house I panic. I head back to my bathroom start looking at my face, going over my hair again, and at that moment im very hard on myself. Still in the mirror, I find things that I see wrong and I feel when I get to where im going others will see those wrongs as well. How do I stop this? It gets so bad that I feel overwhelmed to just stay home or not go to wherever it is I need to. I got bills to pay and I have to work! Help please! Thanks
PATTI-- lol thank you. I know it sounds unreal but im so not trolling. This is what I suffer with and needing help to stop. Thanks for your help!!!
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Genwearagef : If I hadn't heard someone tell me about their wife being as self-conscious as your description of yourself, I would think you were a troll. The man said his wife had low self-confidence and she was like this all of her life. She was very clothes-conscious and tried her best to dress perfectly but still thought people who looked in her direction were staring at her for some type of fault in her appearance. The answer is to work on your self-confidence. The people in my life that I love most are very simple in some ways, not "perfect" in appearance or dress or decked out in jewelry, etc. They love & respect other people and it shows in their eyes, their facial expressions and the way they carry themselves, humbly but not self-conscious either. Focus on the things you do well and your inner beauty instead.
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PamPypeUrbare : It sounds like you have a bit of Social Anxiety Disorder, being overly concerned about what people think of you. Try and overcome it, little by little. Lay out the clothes you woll wear the night before,...just a little step at a time. If you are neat and tidy, it really does not matter what others think. It is you, the you treat others that is important. Sorry you are going through this.
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Irretssturami : Just do not look in the mirror. It is the way you feel about yourself inside that gives you confidence. People really do not see things the same way you see yourself. If you need to see someone about it, do it.
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Effitswes : You are certainly not alone; there may be different causes, but there are many people who suffer from the sort of anxiety that you describe. My mother suffers with similar symptoms; and I have a couple of other relatives who suffer from with similar anxious thoughts and behaviors.

It is possible for you to learn how to cope with your anxiety and panic; but it is not simple and it takes time, work and a real commitment to challenge your habits and some of your harsh thoughts. I guess some people are able to work through things on their own, but the people I know who have been successful have all had help from professionals. It might help you if you would see a counselor who specializes in diagnosing and treating anxiety disorders.
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Exerierok : It sounds like you have what is called "Body Dysmorphic Disorder". I've included a very helpful link from the Mayo Clinic.

mayoclinic /health/body-dysmorphic-disorder/DS00559/DSECTION=symptoms
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andremartin : I had some issues that I talked to my doctor about and he gave me a prescription for an anti anxiety medication. I am so much better, I wish I had it years ago. I would find reasons to not go anywhere. Now I can go do what I want without that overwhelming feeling. Just a thought, but you might want to talk to your doctor about this. Personally, I don't like taking any more meds than I have to but this medication has helped me tremendously. If you have a chemical imbalance that is causing this, you don't have to put up with it. Get advice.
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Rfdsezlft : Not ALL of the stocks went Sony Stock went down! The stock market is a fickle entity. Lets see what happens in a few weeks!
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shjica4369 : In the stock market stocks move on the rumor. Then if the rumor becomes fact, nothing really happens. Most of the heavy hitters (investment banks, mutual fund companies, hedge funds, etc.) had already adjusted their holdings before the shutdown took affect. I'm not sure how the rest of the stock market did, but my portfolio went down 16% in the days leading up to the shutdown. Today the Dow went up only 0.41%. If the shutdown were avoided, stocks probably would have advanced much more.
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