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phollespase : Hi there,

I have an interview for Npower tomorrow, as a field sales rep. It wouldn't be door to door, just a stand in various public locations. I'm not entirely sure what I'd be doing, in regards to whether I'd just be creating leads for the sales team, or signing people up myself. How do you approach customers for a better success rate? Do you ask if you can reduce their bills, or is it more offering them a service that other suppliers don't offer?

Just some general advice would be great, as they'll probably be some role play in the interview

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zratxhvm : Best bit of advice I can give you is DON'T work for NPower - they are useless employers, useless providers and they rip their customers off with false claims - they are under investigation still for breaches of claims made to customers.
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kupasadlao : when American banks once again can't pay off on their Credit Default Swaps?

American banks have sold billions in insurance, called Credit Default Swaps, to investors against the default of Greek Bonds and the bill is about to come due.

Of course these banks don't have the money to pay up and will be back again wanting your wallet as they did last time.

Republicans, of course, being all about protecting this Financial Elite say that Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are picking on these poor bankers who want to gamble with our money.

Will you ever learn?
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tedThyday : Barney the Super Lisper Franks and Chris can I get another sweet Heart deal from
countrywide, Have performed to their level best to destroy and cripple the American
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RoorINuhbor : Your kidding right? Barney Frank is part of the reason we are in this damn mess.
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teexarige : If they understand that it is the cause of the current recession they already do.
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Jamesgo : no. they don't care about the country
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alitlerma : Mr. Doc Holliday Socialist, it's your boy Geithner that exempted derivatives from the Dodd Frank bill. Take issue with him and leave the innocent Republicans alone.
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LasloDemsi : The underlying problem is the laws, still on the books, that requre financial institutions to make loans to people on the basis of factors other than their creditworthiness. Screwing around with the resulting process of trading that risk does not get rid of the government-mandated creation of bad loans.
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KAKELOODA : Your clueless .
youtube /watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs

bostonherald /news/politics/view/2011_0528readers_barneys_not_being_frank/
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