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MargaretAnderson : Receipt of cash for services previously billed to a client has the effect of
a.increasing asset and decreasing asset
b.decreasing asset and increasing retained earnings
c.increasing stockholders equity and increasing liabilities
d.decreasing liabilities and increasing cash

Receipt of cash for providing service has the effect o
a.increasing asset and increasing liabilities
b.decreasing asset and decreasing asset
c.increasing asset and increasing stockholders equity
d. increasing asset and expenses

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INTILIAGRAITS : buying a good home, Car, etc..
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ImmonyIrobosy : When I went to apply for home loan I was able to give record of continuous work for the past few years when I went from the marines as an aircraft mechanic and was an expeditor (dealt with parts) then went into manufacturing making vehicles parts and operating machinery. They are saying that I cannot get a home loan because they don't relate enough. I have never heard of anything like that except have to be in work for a certain amount of time with no breaks. Is it true I can't get it then? and if not does FHA loans get rid of funding fee like VA does at least since I get disability from VA?
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Veilepype : You must have had to be in for 150 days to be considered a Vet.
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chatovvod : so i'm trying to sign up for a gym membership and it says something about an investment fee?! What is that?
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starrjcrousey : It's a garbage fee that you may not be able to refuse paying with your membership.
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lincbibeder : She stole checks from her before she died. She wrote the check hours after she passed. What can be done in this case to make sure she is punished by law?
Also, she is not on the account.
I guess I should give more info.. My mother's name is on the account along with my grandma. We got a letter in the mail stating that a check was written and went through the day she passed, but the account was overdrawn because of the amount she wrote it for, thus leaving us with a large amount taken out, and an overdraft protection fee. (Sorry for the run-on sentence.) It was cashed in the state my aunt lives. My mother didn't write it, and unfortunately my grandma wasn't able to write it either.
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origneeficigo : Your mom is in a good position to do something about this and if your aunt took the funds without permission she stole from your grandma and your family. Family issues bring up lots of baggage & your mom may choose not to pursue things. Even if she does not it does not mean that there was not a crime. Talk about what you think is right with your mom, this of course depends on your relationship & go from there.

You may end up being the person to follow the advice of the person above to file a police report & report it to the bank. Sit down and write what facts you know and then the things you suspect. The facts is what they will want but the things you suspect will help you remember things when you discuss with all involved. It is often difficult to keep family/business matters seperate. What would you do if it were not an aunt but a stranger?

20 years from now you will look back on this, help that guide your thinking. Do your best.

We are born with family connections, this doesn't mean they are the best people to be connected to. Do the right thing, you'll be a better human for it.
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YHrobertWG : It would help to know what the check was for. Your grandma may have given permission to her to do something like this, such as to pay some bill, or to make funeral arrangements. If you're certain she was trying to steal just to make off with money herself, yes it's illegal and you should notify the bank.
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dubaimady : Absolutely yes!! That is fraud..
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