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JesPritesus : Hello,
lately i have been thinking about basketball and how far i can go in the sport. i really think i have a chance but i know the odds are against me. I live in Orlando,fl and i play against the UCF players all the time and i score very well against them. I'm a 6'6" African American. i only played basketball my senior year of high school(had to work to help mom with bills)and didn't get recruited by no colleges. I wanna play for UCF but i will have to be a walk on. i would love to play in the pros but i wanna know should i go for it or stop because it is going to be a waste of time? i don't wanna be 50 years old and having regrets on my past about this. Need good straight forward answers. keep it real with me plz.

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Miketymn : wow! your height impressed me, i think yours hard work can make possible to play
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HeernomernegO : Why is America footing the bill??
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Jamesgo : At one time Israel had a much closer relationship with France and the British then they did with the U S Israel even schemed with the Brits and frogs to take over the Suez Canal the U S put a stop to it they saw who was in charge and ran to the U S as their number one ally
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Awork : Because the USA are idiots.
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lisi20zu : Got a tax rebate cheque of £1054 from HMRC (finally) and put the cheque into my HSBC bank last Saturday. The woman behind the desk said it won't be processed till Monday. After Monday, it appeared in my balance but not in available balance yet. I know cheques take about 3 days for it to be available in cash. So will it be available by tomorrow? (Thursday). I was planning on buying a few things today using my debit card, however, if the cheque isn't available by tomorrow, then when the cash is taken out of my account on the Friday/Saturday after buying stuff today .. I'll be in trouble!
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IniliRonSoync : My dog is 13 years old his health is fine other than his teeth. It's really bad to the point where he only has a couple left and the gums are all rotten. He has been with my family since he was less than a month old. My family has been through multiple rough patches and have their own dilemmas and have a hard time just making ends meet. My parents got divorced a couple months ago, we lost our family restaurant we invested everything in, and my father left to go back to Korea. My mother and two older siblings just moved out into a building that doesn't allow pets and they are currently still looking for a job. I am currently taking care of him now, and realize how bad his teeth are. I am married and living with my husband and his mother. I am so worried that the bacteria will enter his bloodstream and he will get sick and pass away. What I am asking is if there is somewhere that makes donations to such cases as this? I simply cannot afford a 1500 dental procedure heck, I can't even afford my own health care I need! He is a good boy, he was beautiful when he was a pup, still is to me. I've thought about letting him go to a shelter but he has problems with going peepee and marking territory in the house. I'm afraid no one will want him and they will put him down. Also, he is so attached to us he follows us around the entire day and the moment we leave he will whine and bark the whplease time we are gone. I can just imagine the heartbreak he will go through in a shelter. Now I am just ranting, but please let me know if there is a way to get him the proper dental care without such a high cost! I'm currently without a job due to immigration issues, my work permit should be coming soon... but I just have so much stuff piled up like car insurance and payments and my own hospital bills! I am really young, and my family does depend on me quite a bit... I just wish they took better care of him when I moved out. I asked the vet if they could do monthly payments.. they said no.
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NineOfrancs : Have you looked into carecredit? It's a monthly payment plan, like a credit card - but usually lower interest if you can make monthly payments in a specific timeframe. Additionally, do some research in your area to find out if there's a low-cost/subsidized veterinary clinic. There's usually one in every city. They oftentimes charge based on your income and ability to pay. Unlike spay/neuter only clinics, they offer the same services your vet would offer - but again - charge based on your ability to pay. Call your local humane society/aspca or shelter and find out if there's one of these in your area.
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teriolley : OMG I'm so sorry. Your dog sounds really super cute. Brush his teeth and gums; I know cat toothpaste with a special toothbrush was $15 at our local pet store. Besides brushing his teeth, look for other products that will help. This isn't very informational, but it's how we helped our cats; maybe it'll work with your dogs. Again, you sound like you've had a rough time so if the dog doesn't look like he's in pain, then you need to worry about you first. But still brush the dog's teeth, and make a box. Every day, put in spare change, maybe a dollar you got from work or a tip, whatever. Call around to pet stores to see which one's the cheapest and which one might give you an evaluation and cost estimates for free if they understand your situation. I hope they do. It's adorable that you took up your dog. :-)
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FliecizeMep : You should not put this dog in a shelter. I volunteer at one and you would be sentencing this dog to death. Get on the web and look for rescues in your area, like on Pet, this is a place to search your area for them. I'm in a rescue group that works out of this city shelter, and we have done medical treatments for dogs that the owners can't afford to do on their own.There are several places You will find to put a link on your facebook page that let you request funds be donated for these kind of things. Sometimes a Breed specific rescue will take your dog and find someone that will adopt them and they do the medical work. You should look for a Maltese rescue, but don't dump it at a shelter, as they don't have the funds to help your dog, and will put in down instead.
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