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Varvef : If it doesn't exist in some form or another, there would be no need for a vote and no need for you to ask the question.

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sheenataft : They changed their name, they still exist.
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aquarkBer : They're ignorant dittoheads?
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frontruntex : ACORN will grow into a mighty OAK.
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bulapyday : Can we get a link with information about ACORN changing its name? Anyone?
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Booftoino : Over a dozen states had investigations on the operations of ACORN. Clearly something was amiss.
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Nazartymn : Oh, ACORN exists alright. Different name--same game.
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AdupsMund : Sports Limited employs five staff. They work a five day week (Monday to Friday) and are paid fortnightly. Wages and salaries are paid on the Thursday preceding the fortnight end. The next pay day falls on 4th June for the fortnight ending 5th June. The fortnightly payroll is $20000. This sum excludes the employer’s contribution to the National Provident Fund. PAYE amounts to 30% of gross pay, with the employer and employee each contributing 8% to FNPF. Deductions are normally paid on the 3rd of each month. Sports Ltd had 20 working days in the month of May plus one bank holiday, for which the employees receive their normal daily rate of pay.

Just help me in calculating the amount of it..
The salaries expense is 10800 , how u get that?
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Miztiessy : how many person do works there

5 persons

you take a calender june 2013

june has 20 working days monday to friday

check holiday days

this company pays salary for a holiday day

20 - 0 = 20

a fortnigh is 2 weeks

2 * 20000

what is the meaning of excludes

you have to read and then the answer is exactly your homework
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toribhibblerg : A few days ago I bought an Antec Kuhler 620 liquid cooler to cool down my AMD A10-5800k Black Edition with the primary purpose of overclocking it since apparently the A10 is unlocked and easily overclocked. This was my first attempt at an overclock, but a few crashes and a Blue Screen later I found that I was getting stability issues. Among these are:

1.) Game FPS was basically slashed in half (Grand Theft Auto 4, Runescape, Grand Fantasia, Minecraft, etc.)

2.) Overall computer speed has been dragged down to a pathetic crawl.

3.) My keyboard has random fits where it only seems to want to work at an angle (In the process of typing this it has quit working countless times). Batteries are fresh so this cannot be the issue. I play alot of online games where player to player communication is vital so this is a serious blow.

4.) My mouse cursor simply refuses to stop jumping around the screen as I move it. It's not fluid as one would expect from a mouse, more like really jagged and difficult to control. Sometimes it overshoots where I want to move it. Again, I just now replaced the battery, but to no effect. Mouse stability is progressively worsening over time. Arguably my online gaming performance suffers more from this problem than my keyboard issue.

This is a custom build, my first attempt. Here are my specs:
AMD A10-5800k APU Quad-core 3.8GHz
ASRock FM2A75M-DGS motherboard
Corsair 8GB Ram 1600
Western Digital 500GB HDD
Zumax 500w power supply
Apeva X-Plorer2 case

I simply cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing all these problems. My biggest fear is that the CPU was damaged, but I lack the funds to replace it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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