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enrogginc : hi i just bought a couple businesses and it really drained all my money! lol i have bills due and i cant pay them yet until i start getting money in. i really dont want tons of killer late fees and i dont want my credit to go really bad. i need a little money quick!! and i dont really want to do a payday loan because u endup paying double what u borrowed! anyone have any suggestions on where i can turn? help a young mom out! =) thanks!! btw i have good credit. i always pay everything back pretty dang quick....

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Hopppgyte : If you want to avoid fees and harming your credit, DO NOT go to ANY quick loan place. They are the worst thing you can do for your finances. Try to find any other way to get by.
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Pusakates : Out of the two choices State water project which one is the largest? which one is federally funded and which one serves more people?
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toBuyAccutane : Jin Ltd has a weekly payroll of $100 000, exclusive of the employer’s contribution to Provident Fund. In accordance with common practice, the employees receive entitlements to two weeks’ sick leave per year. However, the entitlements to unused sick leave do not accrue, and any unused sick leave for the year will not be paid out should the employee resign or retire. Past experience within the organization and within the industry suggests that 50% of employees will take their full entitlement each year and 20 per cent of employees will take one week’s sick leave each year. The balance of the employees are assumed to take no sick leave. The personal income tax rate is 30%. The employees and employers each contribute 8% of the employee’s salary to Provident Fund.

Calculate the total for vesting sick leave ? ?
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Tevyemalm : Complete the definitions below.

NOTE that not all items need to be placed and all items can be placed multiple times!!

The balance of payments on the financial account are transactions that comprise the buying or selling of_________ , that create ____________.

The balance of payments on goods and services is the difference between the value of ________, over a given period.

The merchandise trade balance is the difference between the value of _____________ for ________, over a given period

The balance of payments on the current account are transactions that do not create ____________ and includes payments for goods and services,_________ , and _____________.

Word Bank:
Exports and imports
Goods only
Factor income
International transfers
Loanable funds
National debt
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toribhibbleri : Decide whether each of these events would cause a change in demand or only a change in the quantity demanded of the goods in parentheses, and explain why.
(A) A computer manufacturer lowers its prices. (Computers)
(B) A volleyball maker convinces high schools to fund varsity volleyball teams. (Volleyball)
(C) A freeze ruins the orange crop, and orange juice prices rise. (Apple juice)
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Biaralitalp : a-change in quantity demanded-lower prices cause people to buy more or buy often but computers
b-change in demand-not sure
c-change in demand - the amount of orange juice is going to probably be less because the crop is damaged, therefore people will most likely demand more orange juice
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