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accocagcise : Today I had to go to the emergency room because I was having terrible chest pain and breathing problems. They did a CT Scan on my chest, one x-ray on my chest, and did blood tests and games me some pain medicine to help with the pain. I have no health insurance and I am currently unemployed. I am 21 years old. I was wondering how much all of this would cost? They did tell me that they would take 40% off their bill but the x-ray, CT scan, and the doctor get paid separately. I am very worried about this. If someone could tell me how much it would be that would mean a lot! Thank you!

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Nicole1974 : where are you? It probably would cost about 1-2grand.. with the 40% off id say anywhere from 800-1600 bucks. i'd get insurance honestly
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urbawibbona : So there is a little bit of chatter tonight about Congress spending time and resources to de-fund ACORN, while liberals are saying ACORN hasn't existed for three years, making the congressional effort a little insane to say the least. Conservatives claim they need to defund ACORN because its still there, only under a different name. The only evidence I can find is on the right wing media, someone please provide a credible link that ACORN has indeed changed it name, and hence Congress has a valid point!
So far all anyone is doing is kinda proving my point. So thanks for that. And maybe the liberals are not joining the conservatives in defunding it because they have better things to do. Its like voting to kill Sadam Hussien, not need to vote, its already done.
So what I gleaned from looking at quite a few sites provided, (thank you btw), is that the Right Wing Echo chamber says "for sure ACORN has changed their name and they are up to their nefarious no good deeds", while some of the left leaning sites say "ACORN may be considering changing their name" but no concrete proof. So unless you consider Michelle Malkin and World Net Daily, concrete proof, and if you do, you are entitled to keep chasing scandals all over the internet.
@ Gungy, My dear friend, one of your reliable sources was actually about a totally unrelated company who happens to have ACORN in their name. I think they have something to do with green energy or internet solutions, but definetly not the old ACORN. Obama sounds like Osama, but strangely, it does not mean they are the same person! Thanks for playing!
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tomn067 : they did they changed it to GAYPORN
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squidoooo : ACORN dissolved. Period. And James O’Keefe is a criminal - in fact, the ONLY criminal involved in that whole affair, other than the right-wing media that promoted it all.
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lodcacuulaJar : Do you actually believe that ACORN no longer exists? Liberals NEVER play the game honestly. They always cheat. They lie, twist, spin and do somersaults to deceive. Always have, always will.
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kashtunica : Look at it this way:

If Acorn doesn't exist under any name, then the Liberals will have no problem supporting any Conservative attempt to defund them.
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robertkmarksp : vatic ltd is considering three mutually exclusive projects. You have been asked to evaluate these projects using net present value as the criteria.

Project 1: An initial cash outlay of $55,000 with projected cash inflows over the next 5 years of:

Year1 $6,000
2 $9,000
3 $12,000
4 $16,000
5 $21,000

Project 2: An initial cash outlay of $35,000 with projected cash inflows over the next 4 years of:
Year1 $13,000
2 $12,000
3 $11,000
4 $7,000

Project 3: An initial cash outlay of $60,000 with projected cash inflows over the next 5 years of:
Year1 $21,000
2 $12,000
3 $13,000
4 $14,000
5 $15,000
The machinery used in project 3 is estimated to have a salvage value of $1,500.


(a)State which projects (if any) Artic Ltd should accept based upon the projects’ NPV and a discount rate of 9% with workings

(b)Outline and discuss two other factors that should be considered by the company before accepting these projects
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Esonosmeansic : If I was talking about my car and its a Volkswagen... I said I'd hang a swastika in the back and there was a Jewish employee next to me? The Nazis funded the making of the first Volkswagen, so I wasn't being racist or anti semetic. But should I worry she will tell the boss?
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ArelsPeally : why should you get fired for that? just be careful what you say because you don't know who's sensitive. it's not even a big deal. as long as it wasn't being directed towards a specific person.
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