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natsupsense : Serious answers only please. My family ran into some financial trouble about 3 years ago, and now things are starting to get better. I just got a full time job and would be able to pay the monthly payments, though they are high. However, since I've fallen behind on the car it would be hard for me to catch up with payments since I have other bills to pay. I have tried other options such as re-financing and trading the car in for a lease but no one is willing to work with me on my own since my credit is so bad since my car payments have been months behind. One of the dealers I went to were willing to work with me for a trade in for a lease if I had a co-signer that had a credit score of 700 or more. However, due to these economic hardships, I don't know anyone that has such good credit that would be willing to do that for me. Again, please serious answers only. No need for lectures.

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seicalminee : Theres not much to approach them about.

Your choices are:
Catch up on the loan. (The time for excuses has long passed)
Wait for them to repo it.
Give it back voluntarily.

Giving it back might save you a repo fee.

In some instances, if you were able to pay most but not all of the behind payments and get them to believe you would never be late again, you MIGHT be able to keep the car. (No guarantees)
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Enginisseve : The legalization of marijuana topic? They disagree with bans and regulations on harmful foods and they say they agree with personal responsibility and choice. Stealing this issue from the Democrats would not only help you with the younger generation, a majority of which agree with marijuana legalization. It would show solidarity with the Mexican population who are fleeing their country in terror of drug cartels that our prohibition is helping to fund and it would show that you care about the minorities such as African Americans who are locked up at a much higher rate per person smoking marijuana. If you really believe in what you say, why not steal this issue?
@Obama - That's my point, it's an open issue for either party that a majority of Americans agree with.
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prieporaShash : Um u got it wrong buddy. Republicans want to legalize it and lobs want to make it illegal.
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TareMastpeene : Because they take too much in campaign contributions and graft money from Pfizer, Glaxo-Smithkline and Jack Daniels....
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abigeodia : They already do... they only win votes because they say they are against abortion... when the reality is roe vs wade overrules them... but rural people do not understand that.
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hbbkjeqy : It doesn't translate to votes
Stoners are too apathetic to get off the couch on election day
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Hoknousanaw : That's what Clinton did with welfare reform and other stuff- triangulation, it was called.
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arcadeismyname : no one is trying to legalize pot.

tell me which dem in congress is doing that?
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AVodartDUTAS : I think that's a great idea. If I were to find a republican candidate who backed the legalization of marijuana, I would seriously consider voting/endorsing them. However, I don't believe it will ever happen. If one did break away from the party enough to promote this issue, when they rose to a sufficiently high enough level in the party, they would suddenly go back to party doctrine, rather than risk ridicule and expulsion from the party.
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