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waterfilter : So i crossed the fasttrack toll bridge without paying. my mom said since the vehicle was under her name/fasttrack account or something that the toll amount would just be subtracted from her account. will dmv still send a bill notifying her that it was deducted from her account? or will they just deduct it and not send a bill?

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NEWFLINDLEW : I hope someone can help me check my homework answers:

A loan of $21,814 was repaid at the end of 14 months. What size repayment check (principal and interest) was written, if an 11.1 percent annual rate of interest was charged?

A newborn child receives $8,000 gift toward a college education from her grandparents. How much will the $8,000 be worth in 19 years if it is invested at 7.4% compounded quarterly?

A company estimates that it will need $65,000 in 16 years to replace a computer. If it establishes a sinking fund by making fixed monthly payments into an account paying 6% compounded monthly, how much should each payment be?

E-Loan, an online lending service, recently offered 36-month auto loans at 4.8% compounded monthly to applicants with good credit ratings. If you have a good credit rating and can afford monthly payments of $421, how much can you borrow from E-Loan? What is the total interest you will pay for this loan?
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Sidaadmiple : some hints for you

assuming simple interest

A = P(1 + RT)
A = $21,814(1 + 11.1% * 14 / 12)

compound interest

A = P(1 + r / n)^(n * t)
A = $8,000(1 + 7.4% / 4)^(4 * 19)

future value annuity

FV = PMT * ((1 + r / n)^(n) - 1) / (r / n)
$65,000 = PMT * ((1 + 6% / 12)^(16 * 12) - 1) / (6% / 12)

auto loan annuity
PV = PMT * (1 - (1 + r / n)^(-n * t)) / (r / n)
PV = $421 * (1 - (1 + 4.8% / 12)^(-12 * 3)) / (4.8% / 12)
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goodevry12 : I was buying music from iTunes yesterday, unsure of how much money was in my bank account, and thinking that when I didn't have enough money it just wouldn't let me buy any.

Last night I got a receipt with a billing address on it, so I'm just wondering what happens now? Am I going to have someone come to my house asking for money or something? :P

Thanks :)
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darrenjserratoj : No.

You will have someone come to your house and remove your kidneys.
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lucestar : Some online stores do that. The payment will fail becuase of some reason (usually not enough funds) but you will still get a receipt.

So nothing will happen. You haven't payed anything and you haven't got the song.
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fdrxvzh634 : If you were to download the song it means that the money would have still come out of your bank account and might have gone into over draft. If you weren't aloud to download the song don't worry.
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nanadokilalo : Just go up to her and say these words "Snitches get stitches" She will get the message and stay quite.

Good luck.
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Alibabamen : You should be fired for being such an idiot.
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wernyc6 : I would fire you for that. You can't just say anything you want.

If you believed that what you said was perfectly ok, then you wouldn't even be worried about it.
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