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doristop : how much is the 2 dollar bill worth 1953 A red ink stamp serial number A 47763601 A

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dsyez007 : Really, you would probably get face value - if it is in very fine or uncirculated condition maybe up in the $6.50 to $12.00 range, but that is if you can find a buyer.

Check eBay, she what they are selling for, if they are selling, you may be surprised. Sadly, $2.00 are NOT uncommon, the mint made MILLIONS and MILLIONS of them. People just grab them up and hold on to them, which gives them the feel of rare, they are not.

Billy Beer comes to mind (1970's reference)
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reeryhortaria : In America, I was wondering if there are branches of the government which advertise against tobacco, alcohol, and drugs (ie. provide funding for television advertisements). If so, what are they called?

I'd be interested in the answer to the same question, but for Australia.
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Pusakates : Out of the two choices State water project which one is the largest? which one is federally funded and which one serves more people?
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waterfilter : I found out that my world studies teacher is being fired. They didn't tell us why, but they refuse to renew his contract. I don't find it fair because there are other teachers who don't deserve to be at our school because they don't even grade papers, whatever grade the students put down that's what he put in the grade book. My world studies teacher is am amazing teacher. He knows how to teach but has fun with it. He knows what he's doing and he wants us to be successful in life. He's also the type of teacher who you can talk to about anything. I'm pretty sure they are letting him go due to funding, but there are some extracurricular activities you can let go. yes being a teacher is very expensive, I know but extracurricular is not really needed. I want to know how to right a letter to my principal and CPS stating why my world studies teacher should stay. Unfortunately I don't know how to start it out. What to write or how to right it.
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andremartin : I got a letter from my RESP company saying the following:

This is to notify you that Global RESP Corporation, the Filer, has obtained an exemption from the requirement in Ontario securities law to participate in an approved compensation fund or contingency trust fund. These funds provide for certain compensation to eligible clients of a participating dealer who suffer a financial loss as a result of the dealer becoming insolvent and not being able to return assets which it was holding on behalf of clients. It is a condition of the exemption that the Filer not hold any client assets. The Filer was a participant in the Ontario Contingency Trust Fund at the time it applied for this exemption. It applied for this exemption in response to the proposed wind-up of that fund, as discussed in Ontario Securities Commission Staff Notice 33-739 Termination of the Ontario Contingency Trust Fund.

Now I've tried my best to understand what exactly this is saying, and although I think I may have an idea, I really don't want to jump to conclusions.

Thank you so much in advance for your help, and/or time.

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