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Normagree : I have Sprint and I want to use my unlimited web browsing on my laptop. I have heard of something that plugs into the cellphone and into the usb port on the laptop to do so. But im not sure whats its called. I have the LG Rumor Touch with the unlimited data plan. Also if this works, will it rise my mouthy bill by using the internet from my cell phone on my laptop?

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kevinmgibsonb : You want to.. use internet from a bad phone.. to your lap top? To which you already have internet for?
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Kicoblilm : just downloading lg pc suite to surf web on your laptop
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Garypsplub : fs
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MegaProfitdade : hello, I'm 21 yrs old female, and well I want to get some education in my life. I can't go to college because I don't have enough money and I can't get any funds either (personal story) so for my time I stay busy with activities and volunteer work. I but I still want education in my life. as a career I want to be an elementary art teacher. so I was thinking to myself. maybe I coukd homeschool myself. I'm thinking each ckass be 2 hours long, so I could do math, then for history I was thinking if sticking with artists more, not sure. then language, and other common school classes. I haven't figured out how I woukd assign my self homework or tests. please tell me any ideas you might have, or subjects I should work on. thank you.
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Gahhaigma : Well i wouldnt want you standing on my grounds but if it doesnt mean it litterally it would be pretty catchy
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Reittyengewem : Kind of sounds like there will intentionally be no available seating.
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likelucyru : Think of something more trendy.
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EpildKitillek : Not really. That phrase has some bad connotation connected with these days.
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fivefingerslo : Wow, that's great! Much better than this place near me called "My Poop is Runny".
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