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toribhibblerg : I enjoy cooking and the cost of good meat has skyrocketed in the last 5 years so I find my self buying cheaper cuts more often to reduce the grocery bill.
Hamburger and ground chuck has even gone way up,
I have been using a Halkins pressure cooker,Jaccard and meat mallet to make eye of round steak tender. If you butcher is a nice guy ask him to run it through a butchers tenderizer twice for you.
If not use the Jaccard and mallet and not you have cube steak perfect for a sandwich or chicken fried steak.
Cut that same round steak up into cubes and pressure cook it for 3 whistles.(you can season the water with garlic,rosemary what ever you like and it will be injected into the meat.

Any really good ways to cut the fod bill?

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kl_EvroShipping : Copy Machine
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Vattbaisp : I don`t have any good tips for red meat. I like whole chickens.. roast them and you have meal one, you can use the leftovers for chicken ceasar salads, wraps,or sandwiches, then you can make soup with the carcass. I make them so often that I freeze the bones and make large batches of broth or soups with multiple birds.

thats my best advice

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Gromisilsss : We eat red meat no more than once a week now. And whole chickens are a staple for us. We also eat vegetarian dinners 2 or 3 nights a week. It really isn't a sacrifice for those. They're usually just meatless burritos, bean and vegetable soup, vegetarian chili (sometimes I just add whatever leftover meat to that), or some other things I can't think of at the moment.

I think the biggest budget saver is effective use of leftovers. If you can make sure all your food goes through somebody's stomach and not into the garbage, you'll save money.

Crock pots are also great for cheaper cuts of meat. My crock pot is pretty much my best friend ever.

Gotta say, though, we never really ate "expensive" food. I've never paid more than $4/lb on any kind of meat, except when we're feeling rich and go get some alligator or something unusual like that.
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Orgabbade : I want to build a website and my estimation is that it will cost me $10,000. I don't have the money and don't want to wait until I save it to start. where can I get funding from?a
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BabFibShooria : I will give you money
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teesmarne : People think wall street was just greedy went all crazy as the bankers were all unregulated.

But people fail to say realize why they were so crazy. We had a 1% fed funds rate--all of of that Fed liquidity for all those years that wall street took and speculated with. We had the GSEs of freddie and fannie. We had the housing subsidies.

Clearly it wasn't capitalism that caused this.

I hope capitalism doesn't again get the blame for the next crisis.
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xmentalistem : I concur that this was a dangerous sign.
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islightina : So, you're just going to go with "find the poor person"?

Yeah, sure... it was the guy begging on the street corner.

He's the problem.

You keep telling yourself that...

To me, it's kind of a strange accusation to make, since he hardly gets to take any decisions at all...
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zIvigiorryize : The real danger is the right refusing to acknowledge the role that deregulated finance industry had in the crisis, and thier ridiculous pretence that a laissez faire system would work better. Refusing to acknowledge mistakes means we cannot learn from them and are doomed to repeat them. And that is dangerous.

Gungy - I am still waiting for one person on the right to show me the legislation that forced a single bank to lend money to anyone, let alone to explain how Frank and Dodd supposedly got it past the Republican controlled congress.
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