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trelfHexrurry : I saw a show a few years ago. I can't remember what it was called "World 2030"?

In one of the shows, it had a guy who tripped (on a robot) and hurt himself. The show went through the medical things that might happen and talked about how his insurance wouldn't pay because his toilet showed he had had alcohol the night before. In they end a doctor saved him by billing a dying man's insurance for the operation.

Does anyone know what this series was called?

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MotGymnloyano : Elin wants to retire in 20 years when she turns 60. Elin wants to have enough money to replace 120% of her current income less what she expects to receive from Social Security. She expects to receive $20,000 per year from Social Security in today’s dollars. Elin is conservative and wants to assume a 6% annual investment rate of return and assumes that inflation will be 3% per year. Based on her family history, Elin expects that she will live to be 95 years old. If Elin currently earns $100,000 per year and expects her raises to equal the inflation rate, approximately how much does she need at retirement to fulfill her retirement goals?

Which of the following answers are correct?




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Enginisseve : The legalization of marijuana topic? They disagree with bans and regulations on harmful foods and they say they agree with personal responsibility and choice. Stealing this issue from the Democrats would not only help you with the younger generation, a majority of which agree with marijuana legalization. It would show solidarity with the Mexican population who are fleeing their country in terror of drug cartels that our prohibition is helping to fund and it would show that you care about the minorities such as African Americans who are locked up at a much higher rate per person smoking marijuana. If you really believe in what you say, why not steal this issue?
@Obama - That's my point, it's an open issue for either party that a majority of Americans agree with.
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prieporaShash : Um u got it wrong buddy. Republicans want to legalize it and lobs want to make it illegal.
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TareMastpeene : Because they take too much in campaign contributions and graft money from Pfizer, Glaxo-Smithkline and Jack Daniels....
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abigeodia : They already do... they only win votes because they say they are against abortion... when the reality is roe vs wade overrules them... but rural people do not understand that.
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hbbkjeqy : It doesn't translate to votes
Stoners are too apathetic to get off the couch on election day
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Hoknousanaw : That's what Clinton did with welfare reform and other stuff- triangulation, it was called.
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arcadeismyname : no one is trying to legalize pot.

tell me which dem in congress is doing that?
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AVodartDUTAS : I think that's a great idea. If I were to find a republican candidate who backed the legalization of marijuana, I would seriously consider voting/endorsing them. However, I don't believe it will ever happen. If one did break away from the party enough to promote this issue, when they rose to a sufficiently high enough level in the party, they would suddenly go back to party doctrine, rather than risk ridicule and expulsion from the party.
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