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kayattsag : i need some advice..its been about 8 months since my car has been towed to a little shop for reapirs. the car burst into smoke while i was driving it and stopped running..the mechanic told me that he would fix it within due time and i had to pay him almost 1200 dollars. i didnt have the money all at once so i paid him weekly..each week he would tell me hes almost done and to call back it should be ready. it was never ready..i paid him visits and my car is still sitting in the same spot. i asked what was wrong but he still hasnt fixed it.he isnt answering my calls and he stopped calling me too. he is giving me the run around and i dnt know what to do now. i have no money to send it somewhere to get fixed bcus im out of work now. i really need my car and i dont want to sell it but i dont know what to do can i sue him? can i send it somewhere nd have him take the bill? i really dont know.. please helppppppppp.. thanksss

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dvn08282 : its called the police, if hes gonna quote you for a certain number of hours. unless he finds something that NEEDS to be fixed or the car wont function right, when they quote you, THATS WHAT YOU PAY. so i wouldnt pay a penny more until you talk to your local police. sometimes doing more work can pay off in the long run...
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jqo8z53fe : The police won't get involved as this is a "civil" matter. You need to send a tow truck for the car and then take him to small claims court to recover what you paid him if he has not done any work on it.
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HireeLarp : How is land tax assessed if I have an investment in NSW and another in QLD?
Can I avoid paying land tax by buying in other states? Please provide links if possible so I am informed before I purchase. Thanks in advance :)
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NEWFLINDLEW : I hope someone can help me check my homework answers:

A loan of $21,814 was repaid at the end of 14 months. What size repayment check (principal and interest) was written, if an 11.1 percent annual rate of interest was charged?

A newborn child receives $8,000 gift toward a college education from her grandparents. How much will the $8,000 be worth in 19 years if it is invested at 7.4% compounded quarterly?

A company estimates that it will need $65,000 in 16 years to replace a computer. If it establishes a sinking fund by making fixed monthly payments into an account paying 6% compounded monthly, how much should each payment be?

E-Loan, an online lending service, recently offered 36-month auto loans at 4.8% compounded monthly to applicants with good credit ratings. If you have a good credit rating and can afford monthly payments of $421, how much can you borrow from E-Loan? What is the total interest you will pay for this loan?
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Sidaadmiple : some hints for you

assuming simple interest

A = P(1 + RT)
A = $21,814(1 + 11.1% * 14 / 12)

compound interest

A = P(1 + r / n)^(n * t)
A = $8,000(1 + 7.4% / 4)^(4 * 19)

future value annuity

FV = PMT * ((1 + r / n)^(n) - 1) / (r / n)
$65,000 = PMT * ((1 + 6% / 12)^(16 * 12) - 1) / (6% / 12)

auto loan annuity
PV = PMT * (1 - (1 + r / n)^(-n * t)) / (r / n)
PV = $421 * (1 - (1 + 4.8% / 12)^(-12 * 3)) / (4.8% / 12)
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FalaGaildedayi : I really want to study abroad for a year, but I don't have the funds at the moment. I know that student loans can only be used for school/education purposes, but does that apply to education abroad? (An exchange student program)
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Miketymn : NO.
Student loan funds can only be applied to U.S. universities.

If you want to study abroad, pay for the privilege out of your own pocket. GET A JOB.
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Plaitikepak : If this garbage is what you base you voting decision on I can only say. "God Help America." You are clearly a victim of the Republican education plan to dumb down America.
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Reetuevilkink : Yes. Also falling down, hitting your head and getting amnesia
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