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RicyKcn 571 : I was involved in an accident and the driver lost control of the car. I was taken to the hospital that day but didnt receive any further treatment. His insurance company is offering me a settlement for my medical bills (now in collections). Do insurance companies often settle for more than the medical bills?

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goodevry13 : Talk to a lawyer.
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csyez013 : Insurance companies pay only what they must pay. Sounds like you were not injured seriously.
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Jennitin79 : Nintendo saw stocks jump from $14 to $78 a share from the Wii release in 2006 to 2008. Since then, it has seen a relatively steady decline and the new consoles, the Wii U and 3DS, have not yet seen the same success. It is now back down to about $12-$13 per share, the lowest since 2004.

From a mixture of research and intuition, I think the stock will spike up again, though maybe not to the same extent, from the details given at E3, which will show the next Super Smash Bros., 3D Mario, and a new Mario Kart, among other things. Not only do I think these will be all-time best sellers, but I believe that it will also spark more console sales and add a lot of hype back to Nintendo.

In the worst case scenario, I don't see the stock tanking: Nintendo is still a company with an extremely powerful brand, tons of cash on hand, and iconic game characters that cannot be duplicated.

I don't see how I can lose, but then again I've never invested in stocks before either, though I was able to predict the stock going up before the Wii came out. Unfortunately, I was underage and couldn't buy any stocks at that time. Now, I'm a 24 year old with a Masters in Entrepreneurship and a passion to jump in when i see a good investment. So, professionals on Yahoo Answers: Would now be a good time to invest in Nintendo stock?

Thanks so much for your time!!!
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Joseph Qk : a. Congress increases government expenditures on goods and services, leading to an
increase in aggregate demand.
b. Congress increases the money supply, which lowers the interest rate, and leads to an
increase in aggregate demand.
c. the Federal Reserve increases government expenditures on goods and services,
leading to an increase in aggregate demand.
d. the Federal Reserve lowers the federal funds rate, which lowers the real interest rate,
and leads to an increase in aggregate demand.
e. Congress increases the budget deficit, which increases the money supply, which
increases aggregate supply.
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UCMatthew : zeitgiest...
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sydney778 : I know why its caused, I check my email this morning and it says Overdraft Protection applied and it says insufficient funds: 111.09. I use to have 391 dollars. Why did this happen? Is this bad? How do I make them turn off or unapply Overdraft protection?
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Bomimuccerm : To get overdraft protection you have to go to a bank and sign up in person.
About 10 pages to read and sign.
You would know if you signed up for it.

So, if you knew to sign up for it, you would know that you have to go back to the bank and fill out paperwork all over again to stop the overdraft protection.
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VurripsypeRip : You have to call up BofA and request this to be removed.
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oem software buy : Call their customer service number, verify yourself and tell them you'd like to "opt out of overdraft protection".
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