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FDSeee : Nintendo saw stocks jump from $14 to $78 a share from the Wii release in 2006 to 2008. Since then, it has seen a relatively steady decline and the new consoles, the Wii U and 3DS, have not yet seen the same success. It is now back down to about $12-$13 per share, the lowest since 2004.

From a mixture of research and intuition, I think the stock will spike up again, though maybe not to the same extent, from the details given at E3, which will show the next Super Smash Bros., 3D Mario, and a new Mario Kart, among other things. Not only do I think these will be all-time best sellers, but I believe that it will also spark more console sales and add a lot of hype back to Nintendo.

In the worst case scenario, I don't see the stock tanking: Nintendo is still a company with an extremely powerful brand, tons of cash on hand, and iconic game characters that cannot be duplicated.

I don't see how I can lose, but then again I've never invested in stocks before either, though I was able to predict the stock going up before the Wii came out. Unfortunately, I was underage and couldn't buy any stocks at that time. Now, I'm a 24 year old with a Masters in Entrepreneurship and a passion to jump in when i see a good investment. So, professionals on Yahoo Answers: Would now be a good time to invest in Nintendo stock?

Thanks so much for your time!!!
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maxussynk : H
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srfecti644 : REAL PLANS for America:

1.Deport all illegals
2.Privatize Social Security
3.Reduce federal funding to bad schools
4.Privatize Infrastructure
5.CUT harmful regulations like the EPA, FDA, etc
6.Weaken public Unions and private unions to the full extent possible
7.Cut all welfare
8.Make all federal departments unconstitutional
9.increase penalties/punishment for crimes
10.Marriage between a man and a woman
11.official language is english
12.make all abortion illegal.
13.cut all wasteful spending
14.expand the military a flat tax
16.national sales tax of 5%
17.limit the power of the executive branch and increase power of states rights
marijuana should stay illegal
18.reduce gun control restrictions. 2nd amendment is absolute.
19.reduce government spying and drones on americans.
20.repeal obamacare
21. national flat 5% tax rate on business
22. a balanced budget amendment
23. stop environmental restrictions on oil, coal,and gas drilling. drill baby drill!
24.allow states to declare official religions
25.stop foreign influences on america
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pozycjeswe : If you want to get fucked, hookers would be a quicker way to do it.
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lisi20zu : Whew!! .. a bit stiff on some, but Yeah - it's doable !!
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ImmonyIrobosy : First of all, no, they're not.

Secondly, (No. 13) - I hope you cut ALL the spending, if you think the revenue generating measures you've cited will be enough to keep a country running. Talk about austerity!
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ylmkskevmzx : All 25 sound good to me...

KEEP the government out of our lives and out of our pockets! We do not need the tyranny of a over regulating totalitarian government. The government needs to be LIMITED by the legal Constitutional limits set forth in the Constitution.
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ojbeautyy : Land tax - I have an investment property in NSW and am thinking of buying in another.?
How is land tax assessed if I have an investment in NSW and another in QLD?
Can I avoid paying land tax by buying in other states? Please provide links if possible so I am informed before I purchase. Thanks in advance :)
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mapesmootte : I have curly hair, grown out to the mid back section. It grows at a mid-rate, not too fast, not too slow.
I don't really have a good metabolism, but I'd like to grow out my hair down to my waist by the end of my junior year, which would be about a year or so. I would actually like it a little longer than my waist, so that I can trim it nicely to donate the rest to a cancer fund. Any tips on how I can grow it fast enough so that I can reach this goal, and how I can maintain healthy hair until than?
I like my hair as it is, so I don't use any products to get good curls, and I don't use any hot tools on my hair. It's also thick, and it's what people would call "virgin hair" for not having any chemicals that would be unhealthy.
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UUVUV : Drink plenty of water and eat healthy. Ever wonder why people who pig out on junk food have bad hair? The reason is your skin and hair both need vitamins to grow and be healthy, just like the rest of you.

Getting split ends cut will keep the ends even and healthy. If you don't have split ends or breakage, only cut if you feel you the need to even up the length.

When combing hair, don't rip through it! This will make a terrible mess of your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb and gently work your way from the bottom to the top (that is, detangle the last few inches, then detangle a few inches higher, working your way up). If you wish to use a brush find one with soft bristles not short or metal ones. Get rid of any comb or brush that breaks your hair

When you wash your hair, use shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. If you don't like the results, try a different product. Wash it out completely. Concentrate on shampooing the scalp, since that's the part that gets oily. Don't pile your hair on your head when you shampoo it, since this can encourage it to tangle.
Massage your scalp while the shampoo/conditioner is on your hair.

Use a rinse-out conditioner! Many people find that the ends of long hair get dry, even if they have oily scalps. If your hair gets dry, you should use conditioner, concentrating it on the length and ends of your hair. You may wish to keep it off your scalp. If necessary, put your hair up so the conditioner will not rinse out immediately in the shower.

Minimize your use of heat styling. Also minimize the use of chemical treatments on your hair, including relaxing, perms, dyeing (particularly with ammonia or peroxide), and lightening your hair. In particular, don't re-bleach, re-relax, or re-perm hair that has already been treated, as this can drastically weaken hair.
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