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Faceblate : i lost my job 2 months ago. i have been looking every day but no luck. so i had to write some bad checks to eat and gas and bills. 700 dollars worth. now i cant pay it back. will i get thrown in jail for this. what will happen if i cant pay it back? im scared. it was stupid i know but the only choice i had. help

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seaggetroks : You should be scared. You've committed fraud and larceny. Most likely both felonies. But, on the bright side, you won't have to be spending money for food and a bed anymore.
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SemoHottdob : All depends. First off, whatever state you are in has different laws. Here in Missouri, if you bounce 500 dollars worth of checks it is considered a felony. However, in my part of Missouri if you have enough money to pay the courts and the people you bounced checks to, then it all goes away. Good luck man, and tell them that it is hard. Think about applying for food stamps and unemployment. The government is there to help, take advantage if need be.
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vialueree : Only if you get caught
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goodevry13 : You will most likely get arrested and go to jail for a day or two until they can get you to court. They will make you work out a payment plan to you debtors. And to the guy who said free room and board for jail, you get a bill when you leave jail. They charge $20 a day.
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hiegululnenny : My cat who is 2 years old and is healthy but small and slim
has had 3 litters but the first two had all stillborn kittens. my mom has not been able to get my cat fixed and keeps getting pregnant with my male cat
please don't tell me to get them fixed I know this
I'm going to hopefully after this litter

so my mom has told me she had one kitten last night while I was out but it was still born
and its very obvious shes still pregnant
shes been acting normal and eating and using her litter box
so shes seems okay but when should I start worrying about her
my mom doesn't have the funds to take her to a vet so I'm not sure about getting her checked at a vets office since its around $80

I'd just like to know
when should I be worried?
what should I do to help her?
would it be best to take her to a vet for a ultrasound or x-ray?
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hiegululnenny : Geezus. Give this poor cat up to a no-kill shelter IMMEDIATELY. The kittens are probably dead inside her! She will DIE if you do nothing.

What a LAME excuse for letting this poor cat endure FOUR litters?? You KNOW she isn't altered and yet you allow her around the male. Stop playing the freaking victim here. The victim here is this CAT!!! There's also low cost and even FREE spay/neuter programs all over.

Why are you even asking if she should get an "ulstrasound or an x-ray" when you claim your mother can't even afford a vet visit???

Uggg people like you absolutely SICKEN me! Shame on you!!!
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GokGlarlAbort : Based on her history it would be best to take her to the vet for a check on the pregnancy and while there ask for an emergency C-section/spay. Because she keeps having stillborns there is a problem and to keep getting pregnant is putting her life in danger. If your vet agrees perhaps he can work out some type of payment plan with you and/or your mother.

Until she is spayed or your male is neutered it is unfair to all involved to keep going through this. Do her a huge favor - do not wait any longer. This is very hard on her and next time she may end needing an emergency spay (pyometra) which will cost more and cannot wait.
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victoriajannyQ : See let me explain scythic people were an iranic people from central asia region of the western altai having 50 to 52 degree lattitude like north germany hence were blonde red haired light skin and tall . They migrated to india and became the rajput race ( see - ' Scythic Origin Of Rajputs ) while many went to europe . So as we see the their are many people in india who work as terrorists getting funded and plan to control the country why dosnt India not do the same with the scythic people of europe and americas . We earn 4 largest revenue and increasing day by day others having recession . We can support the anglo saxons sicambri etc of europe and americas for getting their own land and making money by terrorising people . We are aryans too we have blood brothers in east west central south and every where in europe and americas specialy large in eastern europe ! They screw us we'll screw them even we have our people there . India should conquer everywhere and be number 1 ! I URGE INDIAN GOVT and RAJASTHAN GOVT to cause some problems like terrorism goonism and cointrol wester areas by funding scythic communities . We can earn money so can they!:)
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konwo724 : Hi the term could not organise a piss up in a brewery springs to mind when i see such statements.
It was the same in africa they had whites in charge and it ran with some sort of organised and structure. so they wanted us out so most left as the likes of mugabe and his stupid attitude.
so what has happened it has gone into a declines state as no one wants to work or organise anything the natives have reverted to being tribesmen.
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