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toribhibblerg : Household water is measured through meter, so how is sewer product measured for billing? It isn't like a drain similar to sink

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Noxynerromo : I've been getting calls from a guy who is selling me a licence that makes sports bets and lay trades with tax free returns of 0.5% to 1% per trading day. They have analysts worldwide that help them pick a trade for the day and they claim not to make risky trades. It's also a fully managed fund but they only use 5% of your account to place a trade. I've checked with Scam watch and it's not on their list of scams but just wanted to ask if anyone has used pegasus or knows of anyone that has used it or is still using it.
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aliefique : I am a 16 year old girl and I will be 17 in two and a half months. I just graduated from high school in May a year early as a Junior and I have already been accepted to UCCS and will be starting school there in the fall. My dad passed away when I was 9 and he set up a college fund for me so I have money set for college in case that information is needed. I have been living with my mom since he passed away and just recently moved in with my grandma because we got kicked out of our house, which is a long story. My mom is trying to get a place for herself, me, and my younger sister. However, I would like to stay with my grandma or get a place with a friend but my mom won't let me. She will only be able to afford a 2 bedroom place at the most so I would have to share a room with my sister. Starting college in less than 4 months I want to be in a stable environment and there is nothing stable about my mother. I don't want to make her look bad but if that's what I have to do in court there are many factors that would prove her to be "unfit" to take care of me. I have my driving permit right now and will be able to get my license within the month. I currently have a summer job, it is only babysitting but it is Mon-Fri, 9 hours a day, so more like nannying. I'm ready to get out of my mom's shadow and be independent and start my life without her holding me back. I am not a teen just trying to get away from my parents, I'm trying to do something useful with my life. If you have any answers on how I would go about getting emancipated or if I would be eligible to do so they would be much appreciated, thank you.
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Sleedeetmesee : To start the process you would need to hire an attorney to represent you and file the petition for Emancipation with the Colorado Family court...
You will need several things:

1..You will need to have a job that pays you enough to live independently on your own without assistance from family or state assistance programs..

2..You will need to show the judge that you are mature enough and responsible enough to handle your own finances and affairs and live on your own without adult supervision.

3..You will need to show the judge that you have plans to continue your education.

4..You will need to show the judge that emancipation is in your best interest rather than living at home with your mother.

Ultimately it is up to the Judge to decide if you can become emancipated..
The Judge will review everything and ask you many questions and will then do what he/she feels is in your best interest.

Most important thing to remember is that emancipation is not about convincing the judge that your mother is an unfit parent, its about convincing the judge that you are mature enough and responsible enough to live on your own and make good decisions for your future..

Bashing your mother and dragging up all her faults in court and making accusations of being an unfit parent can even have the opposite effect that you are looking for, Depending on what things you bring up about your mother it could lead the judge to believe that it would be in your best interest to be removed from your mothers home and placed in foster care or have temporary custody awarded to another family member rather than be emancipated.

So your first step is to speak with an attorney, the emancipation process can take up to 6 months or longer to complete.
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sonNeabyPoone : My friend and I wanted to start a charity club at our school next year. It would focus on fund raising mostly, but we need starting money to buy the ingredients, supplies, ETC.
We wanted to know if there was any way we could get this money, We thought of grants but they would probably go to more reputable clubs that are already running and have a base.
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azikmanich : No stupid responses please! I know I've been a careless idiot but don't waste your time.

Okay so a while back I smashed the front screen of my phone and got it replaced in blue at a store where they did replacements (not at Apple).
I then smashed the back screen a few months later but this hasn't affected it at all.
Okay yes, then I fell for the stupid "iPhone charges in the microwave" and tried it. I feel like such a fool for doing it. Anyway a few seconds in the microwave and it sparked at the back so I took it out straight away. It had sparked inbetween a crack.
It now doesn't turn on unless it's on a charger, will not connect to wi-fi or my mobile network and retarts every minute or so.
I took it in to the Apple store but got no service because of the iPhone colour so they knew it had been tampered with.
When i got home I removed the back panel and saw there is damage to a plastic shield near a screw in the back of the phone, where the phone had sparked.
So yes I have seriously f**ked up my phone.
My question is, if I got the screen replaced again in it's original colour, would Apple know it has been replaced?
Also, will they take it apart as well to inspect it?
And if they see the damage will they replace it?
I don't want to spend £500 on a new phone even though I probably deserve that.
If all signs are pointing that way though, what are other insurance options I can take that will prevent the steep Apple replacement fund?

Thank you for reading.
It's the 4S
Are there any insurance options I can take out that can qualify me for a replacement?
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Tevyemalm : Ok we'll I've hade an iPhone before and I don't think you should take it back or fix it because iPhones are not that good I never dropped mine and after about 1 year it stop working and now I have a droid DNA and there really good so my word for you is to not do any thing different with your iPhone and just go get a different phone and I'm sure it would work better
Well I hope I helped you out
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LinuraGamtova : apple will not fix or replace.
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ComprarViagraVN : First of all.. HAHAHAHA

And second yes they would, they'd also notice that the inside was fried from being in a microwave as that sort damage doesn't really happen with anything else. Sorry mate..looks like you're getting a new phone.
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Immerearbed : Next time buy like a Sony experia or something not an apple hater I actually have an iPhone too but it's worth it to get a more durable sturdy phone with an otter box or something
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