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Spummakem : So in my last Question i asked girl names that ended/started with Lee. My dad Passed away when I was 6 years old and I wanted to honor him through my children when i get older. I Changed my Name From Ashley to Ashlee to Honor him, It also made me feel closer to him (I was very very very close to my dad) his Name Was William Lee. people called him Willy, Will, Bill, Moose (I was lil Moose). I can't use william lee because thats what my brother is going to use. I would also like to find a way to honor my older brothers who died when they were born Adam Scott and Brian Lee. Can you help me find ways to turn those names into "girl" form. If you have any ideas please i would love it! Thanks!!

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natsupsense : What is the point of adding a credit card to paypal you cant add funds to paypal with a credit card so it seems kind of pointless. I bouvjt a prepaid card to subscribe to a online game I play. But it wont work on the website. But it works on other sites. So I thought id put money into my paypal and use it that way but nope.
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uihfiudshfoikjn : Can the government or the irs get someone's bank information with just there social security number?
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LincExcexia : All financial institutions report your bank and investment accounts to the IRS on an on-going basis. The IRS already knows about your accounts.
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Mreasaoys : absolutely
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TORBLOORORDIXOD : I'm 19 and in Uni, basically a businessman said that I should save up some money and try my hand at investing. My questions are

What exactly is investing?

How would I go about it?

And what exactly are the kinds of things I would Invest in?

Would it be possible to show me an example?

Thank you for your time.
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eraliahef : The most practical, low cost investments are vanguard mutual funds or vanguard ETFs.
They come in many forms.
To name a few, VTI, VTV, VUG, VYM, VIG
If you want to be more aggressive, look into VO, VOE, VOT, VBK, IWM.

Studies show index funds beat managed funds, so don't fall victim to those managed funds with high expense ratios.

You may also want to consider investing in railroads like UNP (union pacific),
They are a fuel efficient alternative to trucking.
Warren Buffet's top holding Wells Fargo (WFC) isn't a bad choice either.
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sryanw : Get an adviser.
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CliemoGlomi : Hey King,

Congratulations on wanting to learn about investing. Go to Rich for some basic info on financial literacy and investing. Go to the Van to learn about the psychology of investing. At 19 you're making a great step toward financial independence but you do have some important lessons to learn before you get there! Good luck to you!
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