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BUYINGEFFEXOR : Ok so I found out that Bill kaulitz just broke up with his girlfriend. I actually know him quite well. ( Im from Leipzig, Im using a german-English translator) So I now live in the USA and he is coming to phoenix and im planning on asking him out. Remember, I know the guy so its not as weird as you think. But I know EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!!!! Here is what i know...

Name: Bill Kaulitz
Date of Birth: September 1st, 1989
Place of Birth: Leipzig, Germany
Place of Residence: Loitsche, Germany.
Temporary home in Hamburg, Germany - since the recording studio is located there.
Height: 1,83 m
Weight: 52 Kg
Shoe-size: 42
Hair Colour: Light brown, currently dyed black
Eye Colour: Dark brown

Bill sometimes forget to brush his teeth at night
Bill is afraid that he and Tom will get in a big fight and never speak to each other again
the mark on Bills hairspray is Kyrell
Bills favorite eyeliner is Maybeline
Bill whistles when he's in the shower
Bill is allergic too apples and mosquito bites
his favorite color is orange
he hate his feets
he hates crying fans
Bill would sleep untill 6 pm if he could
Bill got his fist kiss when he was 9 years old
he is right-handed
he don't wear makeup when he's at home, and alone
Bill is very superstitious
Bill allways has a teddy bear with him to th's concerts
he hates potatoes and broccoli, and once he eat a whole plate of broccoli and threw up afterwards
he hates when girls bites their nails, but when he's nervous he does it himself
he is afraid of insects, and expecially spiders
during the Echo Awards 2007 Bill got stopped when he wanted to go to the men's room, because the watchman thought he was a girl
Bill only sleeps in his underpants
When he make up a song he sings it to Tom, so he can play it for him
doesen't wan't to sing before 8 am, because he think that his voice has not woke up yet.
He don't like liars and unreliable people
He want one more tatoo, there's placed below the one he has on his hip
If somebody tells him that some of his fans is sick, he can think about it for days
He and Tom shared their room when they were younger
When he was 6 years old he had to look after a rabit, but it ran away
He listens to White Flag when he has to write songs
Bill is more close to Tom, than his mother (Simone)
When he was a little boy, he wanted to be a wizard
he think that it's strenuous to reach the high notes
he has a T-mobile Sidekick II
He don't wan't his girlfriend to be taller than himself
Bill loves the yellow Maoam's
Once he spended 17.000€ in a Diesel store, in 30 minutes
He's afraid of seaweed
He loves girls that screams to concerts
His granny call him Macky
He feel's guitly when he had one-night-stands
Bill likes to sew
He had stragefright before
He don't like when fans dress like him
He spends his money very fast
He don't do his own laundry
He don't wan't to get maried - ever
He thinks that he and Tom are bad to break up with girls
At McDonal's he allways order a Big Mac, 6 nuggets and a vanlilla milkshake
His favorite animal is a monkey
He think that Georg and Tom talks vulgar
He rather want's a girl with a good ***, than a girl with big breasts
He knows how to play keyboard

And im gonna use this info if h says yes.

EXAMPLE: (me) Wanna know something weird?
(him) Hmm?
(me) I whistle in the shower, Isnt that weird, im like the only one lol
(Him) NO! i do too!!! hahaha
(me) Really?
(him) YEAH!

and so on then he finds out we have SOOOO much in common, then we fall in love and run away into the sunset :D (just kidding about that last part )

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jqo8z53fe : lol i love everything except d part where u make up a conversation i think it shud start naturally i think u shud go for it goodluck
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Brupleglype : Yes
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acilivesserma : You don't actually expect people to read this, do you?
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Unrerolor : wtf.... XD
Awesome post
if this is real just go for it you obviously like him make sure ur no perfectifying him ; ]

just dont tell him you know all that stuff... might creep him out XD
I know cuz im a dude and that has happened to me before... just not to that extent =p
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konwo724 : Not insane, but psychically malformed. A control freak, which may be worse?

But I'm just thinking: the information you have may not be as exclusive as you think. So, maybe this Bill Kaulitz guy is actually the one who's insane (delusional?) for trying to set up his autobiography, via interviews and what not, way before he hits the grave. Do we have reason to worry about this guy? Folks? Help me out here. A life (or two) may be at risk.
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flouspelled : I heard its being broken up ? What's going to happen ? What is the name of the FOX news portion of the company ? Is it a good investment ?
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lornaemcclurew : I would like to know that Can a mutual fund impose fresh load or increase the load beyond the level mentioned in the offer documents?
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Asyncinaccich : Mutual funds cannot increase the load beyond the level mentioned in the offer document. Any change in the load will be applicable only to prospective investments and not to the original investments. In case of imposition of fresh loads or increase in existing loads, the mutual funds are required to amend their offer documents so that the new investors are aware of loads at the time of investments.
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Wetepaimi : i only get around $800 bucks a month but want to get a mortgage on a place that costs around 15,000. now it says my monthly payment would be around 90 bucks which is lower then i am renting. but i dont know if a place will give me a loan like that. i have high credit and dont have a scratch on any of my records. if i got the downpayment do you think i would be able to get this loan?
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